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Alaska Paranormal
Alaska Ghost Hunting takes every report of paranormal activity serious but due to the high number of immature people calling in fake activity we can longer take reports or requests to investigate over the phone. To contact us or to request an investigation please complete this form and we will contact you asap. — Thank You!

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Alaska Ghost Hunting (AKGH) is the largest and oldest Ghost Hunting only team in Alaska and is a member of the TAPS Family. AKGH is not a group of immature amateurs seeking thrills but a team of dedicated, committed, serious minded paranormal investigators. Although Ghosts/Spirits are considered "Paranormal" in nature, AKGH specializes only in investigating haunted locations. AKGH does not investigate any other Paranormal Phenomena such as UFO’s, Aliens, or Mythical Creatures.

Alaska Ghost Hunting follows very strict protocols through all parts of an investigation. Everyone involved in a case is treated with respect which also includes any spirits. In most cases the spirits do not mean anyone any harm. It is sometimes hard to remember that these spirits were once living people too with families, jobs and all the joys and stresses that come with living.


The Investigation Process:

There is no cookie cutter approach to investigating a haunted location. Every location has different history and activity. The first step is to interview the owners or residents of the location to discover the history of the property and the activity they have witnessed. Most of the time we will do this

Prior to starting the actual investigation we sit down with the client to not only get a good feel for the location but also exactly where and what activity is being experienced. We will then create a detailed "Investigation Plan" which details where each audio recorder and which hd camcorder/lens combo is placed. Our hd camcorders are almost always placed in a corner (so nobody can get to it without being recorded) where it will record the doorways and as much of the room as possible (in larger rooms we will use additional cameras). Even though all of our hd camcorders have high quality external microphones we also place a seperate digital audio recorder opposite it in the room in view of the camcorder. For a typical 4 hour Investigation it is not unusual to have 30-40 hours of video & audio recorded.


The Review Process:

The Alaska Ghost Hunting review process has progressed over the years to becoming top notch. During an investigation we bombard the location with up to 2 dozen audio & video recorders to record potential evidence. We do this not only because Spirits often move around a location but it also allows us to use what was recorded on one device to rule out or verify something questionable that was recorded on another device. If there is any doubt at all that a piece of potential evidence may not be what it seems it is discarded. It is truly amazing what wind, appliances, plumbing, squeaks, coughs, or stomach growls can sound like recorded from a distance. We find that most events can be explained and are discarded. Although we do use software to review the AV files we do NOT manipulate the original sounds or video in any way other than volume or brightness/contrast.

Credibility in the Field:

The biggest issue in this field is credibility. Many paranormal groups are formed by people thinking that it would be a fun & exciting hobby because of what they see on television. In reality, it is nothing like you see on television. All members of a good team must remain focused through an investigation no matter how boring it seems to be. There is a also lot of ongoing research, education, & training that must be done by every team member.

AKGH is proud to be a member of the TAPS Family. The TAPS Family was formed by Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson years before their television show Ghost Hunters started. TAPS created a set of standards that every TAPS Family group/team must adhere to which includes background checks on all team members and verification of references.


Personal Experiences & Orbs as Evidence:

Alaska Ghost Hunting does consider some personal experiences as evidence. Physical experiences however such as touching, hair pulling, pushing, and scratching will be considered evidence. Feelings of heaviness, cold spots, and being watched is noted as circumstantial evidence but can be validated using visual or audio recordings.

There is also a lot of discussion in this field about Orb’s and what they are. A lot of people believe that any image or video with a floating round object is an Orb when in fact they are out of focus specks of dust or bugs reflecting light. AKGH will never present an Orb as evidence.


Free Investigations:

AKGH will never ever ask to be paid for an investigation. Every member of the AKGH team is passionate about what they do.

If you know of a location that you’d like to see properly investigated please complete this form and we’ll do our absolute best to get it on our schedule.