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Woodlawn Cemetery Investigation

2009-08-14 | Woodlawn Cemetery | Salmon Creek Road | Seward, Alaska

Woodlawn Cemetary
Location Information
Grave Marking List: List of Grave Markings

Brief History:
The City of Seward was formed in 1903 which ended up having several small cemeteries within the city limits. These cemeteries were very difficult to maintain because of flooding and land erosion.

The Woodlawn Cemetery was
founded in 1916 by the City of Seward which is on Salmon Creek Road just before the Camelot Subdivision. At some point in the 1920’s Salmon Creek changed it’s course slightly flooding part of the Cemetery. The flooding resulted in the Woodlawn being closed and most of the plots were relocated to what is now called the "Cemetery Reserve"

Many more grave sites were destroyed due to the 1964 earthquake, those that did survive the disaster were moved to other cemeteries in the existing "Cemetery Reserve" which was created on 40 acres in 1930 on Coolidge Drive.


Activity Reports:

No reports of activity have been reported to occur at the Woodlawn.


Investigation Results

John & Cheri Francis, Kendall Beckwith, Liz Dougan

Areas Investigated:
Entire Cemetery

Visual Evidence:
No visual evidence was found on any of the camcorders or still cameras.

EMF Readings:
Readings would vary but never went above 1.2 mg

Personal Experiences:

Links to Investigations from other Groups:
As far as we know, no other organized groups have investigated the Woodlawn Cemetery.

If you know of a group that has investigated here please email a link to it and we’ll gladly post it here.

  Investigation Summary:
Alaska Ghost Hunting could find no evidence of paranormal activity.