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St Francis Inn Investigation

2010-11-19 | St Francis Inn | 279 Saint George St | Saint Augustine, Florida

St Francis Inn
Location Information
Web Site:

Brief History:
– Built in 1791 by the Spanish it went from being a fortified home and through dozens of owners until becoming a B&B in about 1990 by it’s current owners Joe & Margaret Finnegan. The Inn has 12 rooms, 4 suites, & 2 cottages


Activity Reports:
– Elizabeth’s Suite, Lilly’s Room, Ballerina Room & Anna’s Room are the most haunted.

– Major William Hardee, who owned it in the middle of the 19th century had a young nephew living there who fell in love with “Lilly,” a young black servant girl. When William Hardee discovered this he dismissed the servant and ordered his nephew to never see her again. The nephew hung himself in the attic which is now Lilly’s Room, others say he jumped from the third floor window. Many claim that Lilly & the young man still roam the Inn.

– Hearing of voices, whispering, and moaning.

Handbags being pushed on to the floor, makeup being tampered with, lights turning on and off, radio stations changing, falling books, moving pictures.

– There are reports of both male and female apparitions throughout the Inn.


Investigation Results

John Francis, Cheri Francis

Areas Investigated:
All floors and Lilly’s Room

Visual Evidence:

Personal Experiences:
The only experience we had was inn the morning the blinds shook for several seconds for no apparent reason.

Investigation Summary:
We found no hard evidence of any activity in the building. With that said there were a lot of guests at the time we performed our investigation so although we did record some activity it had to be dismissed due to the fact that it could have been made by other guests.

Links to Investigations from other Groups:
Alaska Ghost Hunting can find no reports of any valid investigations.
If you know of any investigations that we can link to please email it to us!

  Investigation Summary:
Alaska Ghost Hunting Investigated the St Francis Inn with limited equipment which is more than likely the reason we did not capture any quality evidence.

Sometime in the future we would love to go back to the St. Francis Inn and perform an investigation using all the equipment we use at the investigation we perform in Alaska.