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Rutherglen Mansion

2011-12-28 | Rutherglen Mansion | 420 Rutherglen Road | Longview, Washington

Location Information
Location’s Web Site:

Brief History:
This 3 story 13,000 sf home was first occupied in 1927. It was built for John Tennant the Vice President of Long-Bell Lumber Company. It has 7 bedrooms, most with private bathrooms and even fireplaces. There is also a large ballroom on the third floor (now a rentable wedding chapel). After John Tennant died in 1949 the family sold the Mansion and it became a nursing home for 18 years. In 1972 Reuben Grendahl bought the Mansion but after his wife died the remaining family members moved into the Carriage House which is across the driveway. Reuben rented the Mansion as a girls home for several years until 1994 when he leased it as a restaurant and bed & breakfast. In 1997 Reuben took over management of both the restaurant and bed & breakfast.

  Reported Activity:
– A Lady in Peach has been seen in the Garden Room. She is reported to be 50-60 years old wearing a very nice peach colored dress with greyish white hair up in an exquisite bun.

– In the early 1900’s a Bride was getting ready in the Honeymoon Suite when she and her groom were both shot by her ex-lover. It’s reported that the ghosts of these 2 can be seen in the Mezzanine Hallway. The Bride is also seen in the Honeymoon Suite getting herself ready for the wedding. (this story may not be true and was created as a local ghost story).

– Unknown screams heard. When the Mansion was used as a school for troubled teen girls the director would have them go outside and scream to release pent-up energy.

– An elderly woman by the name of Alice is reportedly haunting the Mansion. It’s unknown as to what extent the haunting is.

– Strong feeling of being watched has been reported by several guests and employees.

– Very early in the morning a young girl is heard running and laughing in the 3rd floor Chapel.

– Lights are reported to shut off by themselves and candles are often blown out.

– A man is reported to be seen standing in the window of the Servants quarters which is a seperate building.


Investigation Results

Investigators: John & Cheri Francis

Areas Investigated: Public areas and whatever vacant rooms we could find including the Chapel.


EVP’s Recorded:
(Headphones are advised as Computer Speakers are usually of very poor quality which will prevent you from hearing the files properly).
All of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

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AKGH Player

While Cheri is using the bathtub unknown voice says this.

EVP-001 - Rutherglen Mansion

Recorded in the bathroom about 1am. Distraught female voice saying something unclear then this is recorded.

EVP-002 - Rutherglen Mansion

Visual Evidence:
No visual evidence was found on any of the camcorders or still cameras.

Personal Experiences:
Both Investigators reported hearing light footsteps in the snow within about 50 feet from the back fence of the Cemetery.

EMF Readings:
Very slight fluctuations with no readings over 1.5 mg.

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A group by the name of "Southwest Washington Paranormal Research" had done an investigation at the Rutherglen but their Web Site is no longer up.

Investigation Summary: