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Stanley Hotel Investigation

2011-12-29/30/31 | Stanley Hotel | 330 Wonderview Avenue | Estes Park, Colorado

Stanley Hotel
Location Information
Location Web Site:
The Stanley Hotel

Brief Location History:
The builder of The Stanley was Mr Freelan Oscar Stanley (aka F.O. Stanley). F.O. Stanley & his brother Francis E. Stanley made their fortune by selling in 1904 their patent of a "Dry Plate Machine" to Kodak for $565,000. They also created the Stanley Steamer Automobile Company in 1897.

F.O. Stanley
was diagnosed with Tuberculosis in 1903 and was told by his doctors that he needed to move to a drier climate. He originally moved to Dever but because of the industrial pollution moved to Estes Park where he bought 140 acres of land. F.O. & his wife Flora stayed there in a friends cabin until F.O. built them a home.

Flora missed living in the big city and seeing their longtime friends so F.O. designed and built her this first class hotel in 1907 and completed it in 1909 at a cost of $500,000. Guests going to the hotel were driven up using a fleet of custom 12 passenger Stanley Steamers.

F.O. Stanley died in 1940.

The Stanley Hotel is one of the most haunted Hotels in the world. It is best known as the place were Stephen King was inspired to write "The Shining" after staying in room 217.

The 4th floor is the floor where the children and nannies stayed. They were usually not allowed to mingle with the adults.

Hotel staff often hears the residual sounds of a party going on in the Ballroom. Ballroom piano is heard playing from the lobby.

The apparition of F.O. Stanley is reported
to be seen in the in the administration offices.

Apparitions of both F.O. Stanley & his wife Flora have been seen dressed in formal attire at the main staircase where they used to greet guests. They have also been seen in the Billiard Room and Lobby.

In Room 217 a housekeeper named Elizabeth Wilson was nearly killed by a gas leak explosion in 1911. She lived in the hotel until she died in the 50’s. Many claim she haunts 217 which is the room where Stephen King stayed. Lights in the room turn on & off and doors open & close.

In Room 407, some people claim to see the ghostly face of Earl of Dunraven from outside the hotel. Mr Dunraven owned the land where the hotel was built before F.O. Stanley purchased it. Dunraven was given this private room by his good friend F.O. after Dunraven lost everything after trying to swindle the locals out of land and money.

Room 418 is the most haunted. Many staff and guests have reported seeing apparitions of children and hearing children playing. Some even claim that impressions of people laying on the bed have been made.

The apparition of a small child has been seen on the 2nd floor calling for his nanny. Stephen King had even seen him.

Investigation Results

John & Cheri Francis, Kendall Beckwith

Areas Investigated:
Manor House, Rooms 413 & 415, Billiard Room, Music Room, Basement, 4th Floor, Lobby, Tunnels.

Visual Evidence:.

F.O. & Flora Stanley in 1899

EVP’s Recorded:
(Headphones are advised as Computer Speakers are usually of very poor quality which will prevent you from hearing the files properly).
All of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

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AKGH Player

Voice recorded as we enter the Manor House.

EVP-001 - Manor House

Voice recorded 10 seconds after EVP-001 in the Manor House.

EVP-002 - Manor House

Voice recorded when John asks Spirits to speak into light.

EVP-003 - Library

Voice recorded when Kendall asks Spirits to speak into light.

EVP-004 - Billiard Room

Recorded at the Piano while we are silent.

EVP-005 - Music Room

Kendall asks "Are you using the energy from the lights to communicate?".

EVP-006 - Music Room

Kendall says "All it takes is you stepping on one (referring to EMF Detector)".

EVP-007 - Manor House Story Room

Recorded just as John & Cheri exit Room 415

EVP-008 - Room 415

John hears this voice just as Cheri starts to take a nap

EVP-009 - Room 415

Recorded 15 minutes after EVP-009.

EVP-010 - Room 415

Recorded in the Manor House with John & Kendall

EVP-011 - Manor House Library

Personal Experiences:

Nightstand Light in Room 415 turned itself on 3 or 4 times.
Sounds of walking coming from the attic.

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EMF Readings:
Readings up to 3.5 were recorded in Room 415. 2.5 was caught near the Piano in the Music Room and the "Story" Room in the Manor House.

Investigation Summary:
The Stanley Hotel was an absolutely amazing place to investigate. Between the evidence Alaska Ghost Hunting caught and what other reputable teams have caught we can honestly say that the Stanley is indeed haunted.