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Rutherglen Mansion

2012-03-19/20 | Queen Anne Hotel | 1590 Sutter Street | San Francisco, California

Queen Anne Hotel
Location Information
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Brief History:
The building was built by Senator James Graham Fair and opened in 1890 as the Miss Mary Lake’s School for Young Ladies but closed in 1896 for financial reasons. It was sold in about 1900 and used as a Gentlemen’s Club and escaped destruction by 3 blocks in the 1906 earthquake & fire. In 1912 it was sold again to become the Girls Friendly Society Club.

The building sat in disrepair for several decades before being purchased by the current owners who have renovated and re-opened it as the Queen Anne Hotel in 1995.

The Hotel is the first stop on the San Francisco Ghost Hunt Tour.

  Reported Activity:
– Miss Mary Lake is said to still tend to the occupants as she did when the building was a school for young ladies. Room 410 receives the most activity which is the room once used as Miss Mary Lake’s office & bedroom.

– People sitting in the 3 seat "Bishop’s Chair" at the end of the hallway claim to feel their hands touched if they are on the armrest.

– Cold spots are reported throughout the Hotel.

– Lobby Piano is said to sometimes play on it’s own.

– Mischievous acts such as pulling of hair and shirts are reported.

– Doors are sometimes slammed shut for no apparent reason such as drafts.

– Unknown footsteps and tapping noises are heard.

– Some visitors report feeling suddenly feeling nauseous for no reason.

– The apparition of a woman (Miss Mary Lake?) dressed in an 1800’s gown has been reported being seen in the halls & corridors.


Investigation Results

Investigators: John & Cheri Francis

Areas Investigated: Lobby Area & "Miss Mary Lake" Room 410


EVP’s Recorded:
No EVP’s from the over 20 hours of audio recorded

Visual Evidence:
No visual evidence was found on any of the camcorders or still cameras.

Personal Experiences:
Both Investigators reported hearing light footsteps in the snow within about 50 feet from the back fence of the Cemetery.

EMF Readings:
Very slight fluctuations with no readings over 1.5 mg in any part of the hotel where we could investigate with exception of the large mirror just insde the door of Room 410 which consistently registered 3.5-3.9 mg. On the other side of wall was the bathroom which read only .3 mg.

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  Investigation Summary:
The Queen Anne showed absolutely no signs of any paranormal activity. It also felt very peaceful.

Our photos taken with a digital Nikon camera did catch a lot of what some would call "Orbs". These "Orbs" unless they are emitting their own light are nothing more than reflections off very small pieces of dust.

Sometimes Alaska Ghost Hunting will want to return to a location that it’s investigated with more equipment to give it a second chance. Although the Queen Anne was a beatiful, friendly hotel we would not return to perform another investigation.