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Kenai Cemetery Investigation

2012-10-26 | Kenai Cemetery | 1st Avenue & Coral St | Kenai, Alaska

Meadowlakes Drive
Location Information
Cemetery Information:
The Native Community calls the Kenai Cemetery "The American Cemetery
  Haunting Claims:
A woman going by the name of Marie is reported to haunt the Cemetery.

The ghost of Arthur Johnson walks the cemetery maintaining the gravesites of not jonly himself but others as well. Mr Johnson is known to appear as a transparent full body apparition of an older looking gentleman.

In the rear section of the cemetery there are several unmarked graves where servants were killed and buried by their owners.


Investigation Results

Investigators: John Francis, Cheri Francis

Areas Investigated: Entire cemetery.


EVP’s Recorded:
(Headphones are advised as Computer Speakers are usually of very poor quality which will prevent you from hearing the files properly).
All of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

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AKGH Player

Unknown voice as Investigator Cheri is taking pictures.

EVP-001 - Kenai Cemetery

Whispering Voice just before Investigator Cheri gets in the car and about 1 minute before EVP003 is recorded.

EVP-002 - Kenai Cemetery

Unknown voice on Investigator John's recorder. Investigator Cheri is inside the car several feet away.

EVP-003 - Kenai Cemetery

Visual Evidence:
No visual evidence was found on any of the camcorders or still cameras.

Personal Experiences:
Both Investigators reported hearing light footsteps in the snow within about 50 feet from the back fence of the Cemetery.

Links to other Investigations/Reports:


EMF Readings:
Very slight fluctuations with no readings over 1.5 mg.

Investigation Summary:
In this list of plots we could not find anyone named Arthur Johnson on the list. However there are several Johnson’s so the first name of Arthur could be a nickname. The name of Marie does show up several times on the list.

All outdoor investigations are difficult to gather potential evidence because it gets polluted with the sounds from any animal, person, or vehicle from miles away. We’ve found the best way to gather potential evidence is to use several recorders spaced far apart so that during the review process any potential EVP can be verified or debunked by reviewing all other recordings.

This Investigation really proved the need for several recording devices running at the same time. Due to the cold and thin layer of snow on the ground walking created a lot of noise. There was also vehicle traffic and a dog barking far in the distance. By having multiple devices we were able to debunk 5 Class B EVP’s and validate the remaining 3 EVP’s.