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Kenai Apartment Investigation

2012-10-27 | Apartment | Kenai, Alaska

Kenai Apartment
Screenshot of the Living Room which was the most active area of the home (not evidence)
Location Information
Location Information:
The Apt building was originally built sometime in the mid 1980’s and was remodeled a few years ago after being purchased by the current owners. The new owners have built a second apartment building on the property. Within several hundred feet is an old Mortuary which is now a small schoolhouse. Also nearby some graves were discovered and moved a few years ago.

  Haunting Claims:
The tenant reports that within a month after moving in he started seeing almost on a daily basis up to 3 Apparitions (2 adults & 1 pre-teen girl) in the living room. He says they appear blurred as if he’s looking at them through a thin white stocking over his head. Each of these have spoken to him by name and he’s experienced temperature changes when they appear. The pre-teen girl looks very similar to a 12yo caucasion girl with long blonde hair who’s mother (a fellow tenant) practices witchcraft in the building. This tenant along with another report hearing a baby crying even though there are none in the building. He’s also seen light and the sound of drilling through a small hole in is bathroom floor where a boiler pipe comes through.

Another tenant reports that his son see’s an older tall man wearing blue jeans and white t-shirt in the back room of their apartment.

A few other interesting notes is that a woman died in an upstairs apartment a few years ago. There is also a woman in another apartment that practices witchcraft who has used placed symbols using chalk on the building’s sidewalk.


Investigation Results

Investigators: John Francis, Cheri Francis

Areas Investigated: Interior of the Single Bedroom Apartment


EVP’s Recorded:
(Headphones are advised as Computer Speakers are usually of very poor quality which will prevent you from hearing the files properly).
Most of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

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AKGH Player

During setup for the Investigation this is recorded in the Living Room.

EVP-007c - Living Room

EVP in bedroom 6 minutes into the Investigation caught on Sony DV Recorder.

EVP-001a - Bedroom

Same EVP as above recorded on the bedroom camcorder.

EVP-001b - Bedroom

Again, the same EVP but recorded 30ft away in the Living Room.

EVP-001c - Living Room

Investigator John asks "Where were you born?" and receives this response.

EVP-002a - Bedroom

This EVP is that of a woman and is recorded in the bedroom only 8 seconds after the above EVP.

EVP-003a - Bedroom

Cheri cooments on seeing something then this is heard just as John says "I think I" and pauses.

EVP-004c - Living Room

Same EVP as above but captured on the Sony DV Recorder in the bedroom.

EVP-004a - Bedroom

John says "Prove that somebody's here" then this is recorded.

EVP-005a - Bedroom

Both Investigators were in the room but did not hear this noise.

EVP-006c - Living Room

Investigator Cheri in the living room asking "Anybody here" then this grunting noise.

EVP-009c - Living Room

Visual Evidence:
Nothing unusual was recorded on the video or still cameras.

Personal Experiences:
Heaviness was felt in the bedroom by both Investigtors. One of the Investigators, John had the feeling of being watched while he was investigation the bedroom.

EMF Readings:
Consistantly high Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) were noted on both the lower portion of the bed as well as the lower part of the couch in the living room.

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Investigation Summary:
We did discover consistent EMF Readings of 2.5mg (read more) at the bottom part of both the living room couch and the bed. These EMF levels can cause dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and even hallucinations if exposed for extended periods.

Alaska Ghost Hunting does believe the Apartment is haunted because of the number of EVP’s recorded. These EVP’s because they tried to answer questions are consistent with an intelligent haunting which is where the Spirit(s) can interact with the living if they choose. We did not find any evidence that indicates that any of the Spirit(s) are dangerous.