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Palmer Pioneer Cemetery

2011-12-30 | Palmer Pioneer Cemetery | E. Arctic Street | Palmer, Alaska


Pioneer Palmer Cemetery
AKGH does not consider most orbs as being legitimate pieces of evidence when captured using a digital camera. A true orb will emit it’s own light. This one is a little unusual because it was very dark when this picture (no flash) was taken. There is also a streak at the top. There are also no lights near the cemetery.
Location Specifics
Palmer Pioneer Cemetery Website (none found)
Grave Marker List

Haunting Claims:

In 1935 President Roosevelt offered 203 families from Minnesota, Michigan, & Wisconsin the chance to start a new life in Alaska by colonizing & farming the Matanuska Valley. These families were chosen because they were already used to harsh Winter climates. They were known as the Matanuska Colony.

Many of those early colonists that died in the area are buried here at the Palmer Pioneer
Cemetery which opened in 1932.

Investigation Results

Investigators: John & Cheri Francis

Areas Investigated: Cemetery

Visual Evidence:

EVP’s Recorded:

Personal Experiences:
Nothing unusual happened to us while we were there.

EMF Readings:
Readings were a normal 0-1.0 mg

  Investigation Summary:
There are 2 main cemeteries in Palmer. This one and the Butte Cemetery.We chose the Palmer Pioneer Cemetery not only because it’s much older than the Butte Cemetery but because it’s were many of the Colonists are buried.

The wind which is common in the area picked up pretty good right after we started the investigation. There was a lot of interesting noise on the recorders that would be called EVP’s
by a lot of investigators but because there was even a little bit of doubt we dismissed all audio.

The next time it warms up and there is very little wind we’ll have to get out there again and give the Palmer Pioneer Cemetery one last chance to speak with us.

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