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Meadowlakes Drive Investigation

2013-01-11 | Meadowlakes Drive Cabin | Wasilla, Alaska

The image above was taken by the homeowner at 2:35am on 2012-12-30 using a full spectrum camera using no flash. He was taking dozens of pictures that evening and did not notice this on the pictures until the next morning. At this time it is unknown what this creature/entity is.
Location Information
Claims more recent that AKGH’s previous investigation:
Both heaters in the cabin shut off entirely for no reason.

Shadow Person has been seen in the kitchen by the woman living there.

The owner of the property has been performing his own investigation using quality equipment and techniques. The picture on the left was taken using his full spectrum camera using no flash.
He has also recorded several dozen good quality EVP’s using several different recorders.

  Claims prior to AKGH’s first investigation:
She was pulled up the stairs to the loft by her wrists and then shaken violently 3 or 4 times which resulted in bruised wrists and long scratches on her back. After this incident she will no longer go to the loft but often hears loud unusual noises are often heard coming from the loft which she no longer uses after the incident. Lost items are found in unusual places and she hears what sounds like people speaking but not loud enough to understand during certain hours.

Other family members have seen the apparition
of a very pale man in the kitchen window. They have also heard many of the same noises and voices as the woman.

The family moved up from Las Vegas where the woman had some experiences in the home she owned there and wonders if the spirit(s) followed her.

Investigation Results

Investigators: John Francis, Cheri Francis, Aimee Greninger, Harold M. (Location Owner)

Areas Investigated: Inside of the cabin including the cellar.

Location Information:
Current Owners purchased the property about 15 years ago. Extensive remodeling has taken place.

Visual Evidence: One of the recent claims by the woman living in the cabin was that of seeing a "Shadow Person". These shadows being captured moving near the camcorders are good evidence of "Shadow People" being in the cabin.

More info on "Shadow People"


EVP’s Recorded:
(Headphones are advised as Computer Speakers are usually of very poor quality which will prevent you from hearing the files properly).
All of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page with your thoughts on what is being said.

AKGH Player

John says "Ready" then this is recorded during setup.

EVP-001-B - Kitchen 08:19pm

When John gets to the top of the stairs this is caught at the very end.

EVP-002-B - Loft Storage 08:54pm

Aimee says "You;ll have to do..." then this voice is recorded

EVP-004-F - Kitchen 09:22pm

Recorded after Cheri asks "Are you in here" and after she says "coming close".

EVP-005-A - Hallway 09:24pm

This is recorded when the investigators are quiet.

EVP-007-G - Hallway 09:32pm

Recorded as John is going up the stairs where Cheri & Aimee are discussing EMF spikes.

EVP-008-B - Loft Storage 10:01pm

John talking with Aimee & Cheri then Aimme says "Hear it" then this is caught.

EVP-009-G - Loft Bedroom 10:08pm

Aimee in the Kitchen says "Go ahead and leave" then this voice is recorded.

EVP-010-G - Hallway at Closet 10:13pm

Using the Ovilus X this is spoken as Cheri moves to the loft.

EVP-011-E - Living Room 10:52pm

John states "Cheri now in the loft says "Did you turn the camera off again?" then this is recorded.

EVP-012-C - Loft Bedroom 10:54pm

Harolds talking about kicking it out and gets this in response

EVP-013-G - Hallway at Closet 11:10pm

John says "About half an hour" which is followed by this voice.

EVP-014-F - Loft 11:13pm

This was recorded with John, Cheri, & Harold in Living Room & Aimee in Kitchen

EVP-015-M - Living Room 11:22pm

Aimee & John are discussing the teardown when this is caught.

EVP-016-A - Hallway 11:42pm

This voice is recorded as the team finishes tearing down.

EVP-017-F - Kitchen 11:43am

Personal Experiences:
Camcorder in loft bedroom was shut off several times during the investigation. The recorder was tested the next day and ran prefectly.

Both Cheri & Aimee saw something dark moving across the sliding glass door in the living room.

Very loud gurgling noises where heard 5 times during the investigation which sounded like the water cooler in the kitchen but 3 times when this was heard it was caught faintly on the kitchen camcorders and digital audio recoders while being very clear on the recorders in the living room.

Ovilus X Ghost Box was switched from Phoentic Mode to Touch Mode which would require the mode button to be touched twice.

EMF Readings:
Readings up to 2.5 were recorded near the main entry to the cabin and also in the loft near where the camcorder was being shut off.

Investigation Summary: Much like the previous investigation the cabin seemed very quiet. During review of the 35 hours of potential evicence we found close to 60 evp’s most of which were thrown out as class C evp’s where you hear a voice but nobody can hear what’s being said.

It’s obvious to us that this cabin is very active and has at least one very intelligent entity trying to control whatever else in in there. The Shadows caught on the camcorders could be just simple Shadow People who are curious about what’s going on in there or could be something worse.

More Investigation needs to be done at this location but if it does have something evil in it the last thing we want to do is make it feel important.