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Brayton Drive

2013-02-09 | Brayton Drive Home | Brayton Drive | Anchorage, Alaska

Location Information
Brief History:
This single story mobile home built in 1978 was moved to this location as used but not much older than a few years. A couple of additions have been made to
it over the years.
  Reported Activity:
– Sound of someone running through the kitchen and down the hallway in the early morning hours.

– A large kitchen spoon was tossed at the homeowner.

– Opening and closing of doors in the rear part of the home even after the homeowner has checked to make sure they are closed.

– Shadows are often seen out of the corner of their eye’s. Most often in the kitchen and hallway.

– The homeowners dog would not go to the rear of the home for several months until recently. He now often stares back there and sometimes even spends long periods of time "alone" back there.

– The couple that own the home will sometimes experience "simultaneous dreaming" which is when they have nearly identical dreams.

– Random noises and creepy feelings in the rear of the home.

– Touching.

Investigation Results

Investigators: John & Cheri Francis, Aimee Greninger, Kendall Beckwith, Amber Hess, Dawn Michel

Areas Investigated:
Entire home.


EVP’s Recorded:
(Headphones are advised as Computer Speakers are usually of very poor quality which will prevent you from hearing the files properly).
All of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page with your thoughts on what is being said.

AKGH Player

John with Amber asks "Do you like the people that live hear?" then this voice is recorded.

EVP-001E - Master Bedroom Closet 09:24pm

Kendall with Aimee asks "Do you like animals?" and gets this in return.

EVP-002I - Rear Bathroom 09:34pm

Unknown Voice as Cheri says faintly from a nearby room "The whole apartment building was ..."

EVP-003J - Office 09:36pm

Amber with John says "Is that you making those noises?" then this.

EVP-004E - Master Bedroom Closet 09:47pm

John with Amber in Living Room says "Can you bump it again?" referring to couch then ...... is recorded.

EVP-005K - Living Room 09:50pm

Aimee responds to Kendall's question about feeling cold "I'm fine, I have a ???" then ...... is recorded.

EVP-006K - Living Room 10:09pm

John says "How did you die, do you know?" then this is recorded.

EVP-007A - Bunny/Excercise Room 10:15pm

Dawn with Aimee heading to the hallway asks "Anybody back here?" then this is recorded.

EVP-008L - Kitchen 10:32pm

John with Dawn says "Are you an adult or a child, a child being under the age of 18" then this is recorded.

EVP-009A - Bunny/Excercise Room 11:21pm

Visual Evidence:
No visual evidence was found on the 30+ hours of camcorder video or on the 200+ digital photos.

Personal Experiences:
Cheri & Dawn saw the infrared lights blocked out momentarily a couple of times in the master bedroom.

EMF Readings:
Very slight fluctuations with no unexplainable readings over 1.5 mg.

Links to Investigations from other Groups:

Investigation Summary:
The results of the investigation show that there is at least one female spirit in the home and probably a second which may be a male. The voice of the female spirit was recorded several times.

There is high EMF (up to 3.5mg) levels found in a small area of the Bunny/Exercise Room floor where the main electrical service comes in. This is high enough to make some people feel nauseus and paranoid if they were sitting or laying on that area of the floor.