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Brayton Drive

2013-03-02 | Navigators Circle Home | Navigators Circle | Wasilla, Alaska

Navigators Circle
Location Information
Brief History:

The previous owners the home both died on the property. The man shot himself on the property after developing altheimers and the wife died from unknown causes within a year of her husband’s death.

The current owners of the home have suffered a number of losses including a close friend that passed away from unknown causes not too long after staying in this home.

  Reported Activity:

People staying in the home feel very tired. The same people when they leave for a few days get their energy back until they return then start to feel tired after about a day.

While friends were watching the home their 19yo Son saw a short shadowy figure in the downstairs rear bedroom while sleeping. He quickly packed his stuff and left.

Another friend also slept in that bedroom and said she felt a dog chewing on her leg. The owners dog’s never go in that room.

4 Year old staying in the us bedroom would have nightmares and would wake up terrified and pointing to the closet

Owner has performed several of their own evp sessions and has caught several EVP’s

Investigation Results

Investigators: John Francis, Kendall Beckwith, Amber Hess, Jeromy Goss, Angela (Homeowner), & Teri (Friend of Homeowner)

Areas Investigated:
Entire home.


EVP’s Recorded:
(Headphones are advised as Computer Speakers are usually of very poor quality which will prevent you from hearing the files properly).
All of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page with your thoughts on what is being said.

AKGH Player

Recorded just after the recorder was turned on with no one near the room.

EVP-001I - Master Bedroom 09:37pm

Recorded in the upstairs Family Room with no Investigators nearby.

EVP-002P - Upstairs Family Room 10:20pm

Unknown Voice in the rear upstairs Bedroom with no Investigators nearby.

EVP-003J - Upstairs Rear Bedroom 10:35pm

Unknown Voice in the rear downstairs Bedroom with no Investigators nearby.

EVP-004K - Downstairs Bedroom 11:10pm

Unknown Voice in the rear downstairs Bedroom with no Investigators nearby.

EVP-005K - Downstairs Bedroom 11:25pm

Kendall in a nearby room says "will you tell us what all you did to Jeromy?" then this Unknown Voice is recorded.

EVP-006K - Downstairs Bedroom 11:51pm

Visual Evidence:

Personal Experiences: (more info)
In upstairs rear bedroom several Investigators said the room had a very heavy feeling while also experiencing headaches and chills.

Two Investigators felt the strong urge to cry in the downstairs family room.

One Investigator felt like his toes were grabbed in teh downstairs back bedroom and was hit in the stomach in the upstairs rear bedroom.

EMF Readings:

The only room that showed high emf readings was the downstairs bedroom which produced a high reading of 2.8mg 3 times during the investigation.
Nothing unusual was recorded or noticed at those times.

Links to Investigations from other Groups:

Investigation Summary:
Based on the evidence gathered the home seems to have the spirits of at least one man and a preadolescent boy or girl in it.

There was no evidence gathered that shows anything evil in the home.

Because all of the captured EVP’s were recorded in rooms away from the investigators leads us to believe these spirits
are shy and/or reluctant to communicate directly with the investigators.

The owners will continue to perform their own EVP Sessions to help the spirits feel more comfortable communicating with the living and to help them move on.

Alaska Ghost Hunting would like to return to the home in a few months for another investigation to see how things have progressed.