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Brayton Drive

2013-03-09 | Orcas Island | San Juan Islands | Washington State

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Location Information

Brief History:

The 57 square mile Orcas Island was used for hunting and fishing by the Lummi Indians until the Europeans brough smallpox to the area and decimated the native population. Permanent Settlers began moving to the island in 1859 and it grew to a poulation of over 2,000 by the year 1900.

Robert Moran a shipbuilder and ex-mayor of Seattle moved with his family to Orcas Island in 1905 after being told he had one year to live. He bought 7,800 acres of land on the island and built the Moran Mansion seen above. When his wife died in 1932 he sold the Mansion to Donald & Alice Rheem who lived in it until 1958. It is now the main building of the Rosario Resort. Most of the land surrounding it is now called the Moran State Park.

The Moran Mansion in 1941:


  Reported Activity:
In the Moran Mansion:

The spirit of Alice Rheem is said to still roam the Mansion. People claim to hear the footsteps of a woman in high heals. Some say they’ve even seen her riding her Harley Davidson motorcycle on the second floor. People have also reported the sounds of passionate lovemaking coming from vacant rooms.

Investigation Results

Investigators: John Francis, Cheri Francis

Areas Investigated:
Rosario Resort Main Bldg Music Room & Bedrooms
Mount Constitution Observation Tower


EVP’s Recorded:
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All of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

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AKGH Player

John aska "How old are you? in the rear Bedroom off the Music Room.

EVP-001A - Rear Bedroom off Music Room 05:34pm

Recorded in the Music Romm.

EVP-002B - Music Room 05:30pm

Visual Evidence:

Personal Experiences: (more info)

EMF Readings:


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Investigation Summary: