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Kinzie Battery

2013-03-13 | Fort Warden’s Kinzie Battery | Port Townsend, Washington

Kinzie Battery
Location Information
Location Information:
Construction of Fort Warden began in 1897.

The Fort was used to defend Puget Sound.

The Kinzie Battery was built in 1910.

The Fort was closed in 1953.

  Haunting Claims:

We could find no reports of the Kinzie Battery being haunted.

There are reports of other buildings at Fort Warden being haunted particularly the Guard House which is now the Gift Shop. The old School House is also said to be haunted.


Investigation Results

Investigators: John Francis, Cheri Francis

Areas Investigated: Kinzie Battery Only

Kinzie   Kinzie Battery   Haunted Battery
Haunted Kinzie   Ghosts at Fort Warden   Shadow People

EVP’s Recorded:

EMF Readings:

No readings over .9mg which is easily explainable.

Visual Evidence:

Personal Experiences:

Links to other Investigations/Reports:

Dispite all the written claims of certain buildings being haunted at Fort Warden we could find no links to any investigations taking place.

The claims seem to be urban legend.

Investigation Summary:

Alaska Ghost Hunting could not find any evidence that the Kinzie Battery is haunted. It is just a spooky building.