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Museum of Transportation & Industry Investigation

2013-06-08 | Museum of Transportation & Industry | Wasilla, Alaska

Haunted Museum
Location Information
Location Information:

The Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry is a private, non-profit corporation, governed by a volunteer board of directors. It is funded by museum admissions, gift shop sales, and donations from it’s members and friends.

The Museum is located just North of Wasilla off the Parks Hwy at:
3800 W Museum Drive
Web Site:

There are hundreds of items on display at the Museum that were used to build Alaska. Items from old Tools, Heavy Equipment, Buses, Aircraft & even Trains are on full display. Some of the buildings here are historical have been moved from other parts of the State.


  Haunting Claims:

Employees, Volunteers, & Tourists have seen shadows, apparitions, & have heard voices throughout the Museum. The most commonly referred to area is the Centennial Train (shown on the left in the photo below).

Haunted Trains

Investigation Results

Investigators: John Francis, Cheri Francis, Kiri Abbas, Aimee Greninger, Chris Skinner, Jeromy Goss, Tamara Arnold, & Lisa Maloney (journalist & guest investigator)

Areas Investigated: Everything with exception of office spaces.

EVP’s Recorded:
(Headphones are advised as Computer Speakers are usually of very poor quality which will prevent you from hearing the files properly).
Most of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

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AKGH Player

Unknown voice in Caboose of Centennial Train with no investigators nearby

EVP-001AE1 - 10:29:40pm in Caboose of Centennial Train

Another unknown voice in Caboose of Centennial Train with no investigators nearby

EVP-002AE1 - 10:32:55pm in Caboose of Centennial Train

Kiri with Jeromy in bar car hear a voice

EVP-003AE1 - 10:43:29pm in Bar Car of Centennial Train

Kiri in the bar car says "did you use to serve drinks" and get's this.

EVP-004AA1 - 10:58:34pm in Bar Car of Centennial Train

Unknown voice right after Kiri says "It is a wallet" at the bar

EVP-005AE1 - 10:59:22pmm in Bar Car of Centennial Train

John & Kiri hear footsteps in the bar car

EVP-006AA1 - 11:01:47pm in Bar Car of Centennial Train

Aimee starts knock test with John, Tamara & Lisa

EVP-007AA1 - 11:49:28pm in Bar Car of Centennial Train

John in Main Display Room says "Come over and tug my shirt", "No" is heard.

EVP-008AB2 - 01:22:10am in Main Museum Building

EMF Readings:
(Click here for more information on EMF)
Initial baseline readings throughout the location were 1.0mg or less which is not unusual for the outdoors. During the investigation EMF levels remained below 1.0mg for most of the investigation. There were a few occasions where levels exceeded 1.5mg but these could have been caused by random interference within the frequency range the EMF detectors monitor. Note that the Museum is located very close to the Wasilla Airport.

Visual Evidence:
No visual evidence was found on any of the camcorders or still cameras.

Personal Experiences:
Cheri & Chris both saw shadows in the second car from the rear of the Centennial Train moving back towards the caboose.

Kiri & Jeromy heard a fairly distict sound in the Centennial Train and found in the forward most car a large bell above it’s front door swinging back and forth.

Tamara, in the Centennial Train’s Bar Car felt the sudden overwhelming urge that she had to leave the train.

Just about every investigator in the Centennial Train at different times felt like the train was moving. Close inspection from outside the train by John showed that the cars would not move even when team members tried to rock it back and forth.

In the largeest room of the museum random noises were recorded, none of which were EVP’s. What was unusual about this was that the noises would be very audible on the recorders for several minutes and then it would be 100% quiet. All electricity was shut off in this end of the building and none of the investigators noticed anything electrical or mechanical producing any noise. Recorders outside and in other rooms did not record these noises nor did they record any other activity such as weather.

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Investigation Summary:
After reviewing all of the potential evidence Alaska Ghost Hunting has determined that there may be 1 or more Spirits roaming the property where the museum is located. It is not unusual for Spirit’s to "haunt" a location where it feels comfortable.

We found no evidence that points to anything negative on the Museum property.