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Alaska Aviation Museum

2013-07-10 | Alaska Aviation Museum | Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska Aviation Museum
Location Information
Location Information:
The Alaska Aviation Museum is located near Ted Stevens International Airport at 4721 Aircraft Drive

The museum opened in 1988 to the public and is the largest most complete aviation museum in the State of Alaska.

  Haunting Claims:

Several staff members at the Museum claim to have seen moving shadows, hearing voices/footsteps, and experience being touched/watched.

A tall dark shadow has been seen moving from the main exhibit area into the theater.

A 4 foot tall greyish shadow with a female face with a worried look was seen moving from the womens bathroom to the wall where pictures of Alaskan Women Pilots are located.


Investigation Results

Investigators: John Francis, Cheri Francis, Aimee Greninger, Jeromy Goss, Eva Manzano

Areas Investigated: Home only

EVP’s Recorded:
(Headphones are advised as Computer Speakers are usually of very poor quality which will prevent you from hearing the files properly).
Most of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

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AKGH Player

Jeromy & Chris in the 737 near the cabin with this grunting noise at the midpoint of the plane.

EVP-001A01A - 737 Passenger Jet - 09:40pm

Eva & Aimee on the plane when this is recorded in the mid section before & after Aimee speaks from the cockpit.

EVP-003A01A - 737 Passenger Jet - 11:00pm

Recorded in the mid section with nobody in the plane.

EVP-004A01A - 737 Passenger Jet - 10:54pm

John with Cheri hears this voice and then says "Can you say that again?"

EVP-005A01A - 737 Passenger Jet - 11:25pm

Jeromy & Chris in Room 6 talking then this voice "I wish someone would die tonight"

EVP-002V02C - Museum Room 6 - 10:22pm

Recorded with nobody in the room.

EVP-007V02C - Museum Room 6 - 10:58pm

Recorded with nobody in the room.

EVP-006V01B - Museum Room 4 - 10:58pm

EMF Readings:

Very few readings over 1.5mg were found at the location that were not explainable. The team believes that levels below 1.5mg should be considered background noise and not paranormal.

Visual Evidence:
Nothing was discovered after reviewing the video files but they were used to verify that the EVP’s captured were not caused by team members. (audio recorders are always placed in view of the camcorders)

Personal Experiences:
On several occassions members of the team thought they heard disembodied voices but in most cases the background noise from the airport did not allow us to record most of them clearly.

Links to other Investigations/Reports:


Investigation Summary:

The museum was very noisy during the investigation with the airport being a half mile away. We were shocked to discover some very good EVP’s recorded during those quiet moments which leads us to believe that there would have been many more if it weren’t for the noise.

The 737 Passenger Jet & Room 6 were the areas with the most activity.