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Talkeetna Haunted Home

2013-10-11 | Sunshine Lakes Home | Talkeetna, Alaska

Haunted Home in Talkeetna
Location Information
Location Information:
The couple that own the home have been the only owners of this secluded home that was built in 2007.

There are a few other homes nearby with the closest being 100-150 feet away.

History of the property is unknown.

The couple has a very nice collection of antiques displayed in the home.

There was no activity in the home until 2008 after they returned from a trip where they spent time at the Haunted Crescent Hotel in Arkansas.

  Haunting Claims:

In 2008 the owners heard 3 loud knocks on the side door to the house. They feared that someone needed help but when they opened the door nobody was there, not even footprints in the fresh snow. Knocks have been heard coming from inside the pantry.

In 2012 when on of their daughters was visiting for Christmas she would not stay in the Guest Bedroom after seeing shadows moving in it. The daughter also had the locked bathroom door unlock itself and open while she was taking a shower. During her stay a picture hanging in the kitchen fell off the wall nearly hitting one of the owners, about 10 minutes later a fairly heavy antique metal lid wedged between some books in the dining room flew about 10 feet towards the owner hitting the floor near her feet.

Family dog will watch and track unseen movement in the home. He will also refuse to enter some rooms of the house at times. He will also sometimes wake his owners trying to warn them of something he sees or hears. (note: We have met their dog and it is a nice friendly German Shepherd)

He has seen a featureless apparition about 5’4" in height move across the Hall into the Study. He has also heard people talking in the home when he is alone but it is so faint that he cannot make out what is being said. While sleeping he once felt something grab his arm.

She has sensed and even seen shadows move in the large shower area of the master bath. She has also heard soft quiet crying and was jolted awake one night after hearing her name being spoken. She has also had experiences at an apartment near where she works during the Summer.

While together they and their dog have reacted to and seen shadows moving in the hallway going from room to room. Once of their mutual experiences was seeing an open box upright itself on the dining room table after which they and the dog all heard a scurrying sound as something exited the room quickly. They have also experienced items disappear only to be found later where they were originally.


Investigation Results

Investigators: John Francis, Cheri Francis, Jeromy Goss, Amber Hess

Areas Investigated: Home only

EVP’s Recorded:
(Headphones are advised as Computer Speakers are usually of very poor quality which will prevent you from hearing the files properly).
Most of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page with your thoughts on what is being said.

AKGH Player

EVP-001-AA1 - 10:49pm in Kitchen

John is the only team member in the Kitchen when this is recorded

EVP-002-AE1 - 11:39pm in Guest Bedroom

Amber asks "What does this property mean to you, why are you here?" then get's this repsonse.

EVP-003-AA2 - 11:57pm in Kitchen

Voice just before Amber says the shadow looks like someone with a knife.

EVP-004-AF1 - 12:20am in Master Bedroom

Voice in Master Bedroom with no Investigators nearby

EVP-005-VC2 - 12:25am in Dining Room

Voice just before Jeromy & Amber exit the Guest BR to the LR where John & Cheri are

EVP-006-VC2 - 12:28am in Dining Room

Same voice as #5 3 minutes later

EVP-007-AB1 - 1:23am in Study

Voices are heard here overlapping each other one saying ??

EVP-008-AF1 - 1:30am in Master Bedroom

Breathing like noise heard and commented on by Amber & John

EVP-009-AB1 - 1:42am in Study

Unknown voice in the Study with John/Amber in Master BR, Cheri/Jeromy in LR

EVP-010-VC4 - 1:43am in Dining Room

Voice just after Cheri & Jeromy talk

EMF Readings:

No readings were found above 1.0mg which is considered normal background readings by the team.

Visual Evidence:

Personal Experiences:
Jeromy at 11:45pm heard a shuffling noise that sounded like somebody wearing socks move down the hallway.

Links to other Investigations/Reports:


Investigation Summary:
The team found this home to be very, very quiet while we were investigating it. The only outside noise was that of the train going by at one point.

Unlike most ghost hunting teams which only use a handful of recording devices AKGH places one audio recorder and one digital camcorder (which also records audio) in each room. This allows us to not only rule out the possibility that a team member or outside noise created what is believed to be an EVP but also precisely locate the area in the home where it was created.

Upon reviewing all of this audio & video evidence the team finds that this home is haunted by at least 2 spirits. One of them sounds like an older woman with a raspy/horse voice that was near the back of the home, the other is that of a younger woman that was in the opposite end of the home in the dining room area.

The team will be returning to this home in December to investigate it further.