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Lewis Loop Haunted Home

2014-01-18 | Lewis Loop Home | Wasilla, Alaska

Haunted Home in Talkeetna
Location Information
Location Information:

The area around this home was inhabited by the Knik Tribe. It’s about 3 miles from the abandoned town of Knik which is at mile 13.9 on Knik Goose Bay Road. The old Pool Hall is the largest of the remaining buildings which is now marked as “Knik Hall”

Prior to the railroad being built through what is now known as Wasilla, Knik was the largest town/trading post in the Mat-Su Valley. Many of the buildings creating the town of Knik were torn down and moved to Wasilla & Palmer.

Much of the history about the area in the early 1900’s can be found at:

It is documented that on this property there was an active Winter Trail along Fish Creek that was used prior to the road systems being developed.

This is the closest home to where Charles Ulanky found skeletal remains & small trinkets that were not of local native origin. There is speculation that the trinkets are of Japanese origin. (more)

It’s unknown exactly when or who built the original log structure but neighbors say that it’s one of the oldest in the area. For many years the home was well known by officials and locals for illegal activity including poaching.

It’s unknown if any serious crimes or deaths occurred on the property. Neighbors today just call it the Creepy Cabin/House.

  Haunting Claims:

Shortly after the current owners moved in she would see "darker than dark" shadows moving out of the corner of her eye throughout the home. One of these times included seeing a dark mass that looked like it was being poured out
of the ceiling in the dining area looking at one of their cats. The mass quickly vanished after it realized that she could see it.

In the same area she saw one of her cats on a stool in the dining room meowing towards the window and then looking back and forth at her. She did not notice that there was a shadow figure blocking the windows until it moved and she could see her reflection in it. She went outside and could find no signs of anything being near the window including disturbance in the snow.

Again, in the same general area she saw one of her small area rugs bunched up with a cat meowing at it instantly spread itself out on the floor on it’s own as if it were jerked open. She tried to get it to bunch up like that again but could’t as it kept wanted to lay flat.

The owners both hear things that sound like doors closing and footsteps. She has heard a group of men talking, a woman humming on several occassions.

One night they both heard very loud footsteps out on the porch which they investigated and found no signs of anybody including any loose snow falling off boots. In the morning he went downstairs and could not find his slippers at the bottom of the stairs where he always leaves them but could not find them. He looked everywhere finallyfinding them neatly together on a shelf.

One of their cats "Dante" got shut in the utility room which has a very heavy door that a cat could not open.


Investigation Results

Investigators: John Francis, Kiri Beckwith. Aimee Greninger, Susan Weir

Areas Investigated: Home only

EVP’s Recorded:
(Headphones are advised as Computer Speakers are usually of very poor quality which will prevent you from hearing the files properly).
Most of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page with your thoughts on what is being said.

AKGH Player

EVP-001V02A - 07:49:03pm in Guest BR

Recorded as John is alone time stamping recording devices.

EVP-002V05A - 08:12:45pm in Kitchen

Recorded in the Kitchen with nobody near this camcorder.

EVP-003A13A - 09:00:26pm Master Bedroom

Aimee says "Where did you go" and gets this reply.

EVP-004A13A - 09:26:34pm in Master Bedroom

Unknown voice with no investigators nearby.

EVP-005V03B - 09:42:22pm - Living Room

This voice was recorded in the Living Room as Kiri & Aimee walk past it to the stairs.

EVP-006A11A - 10:08:04pm - Top of Stairs

Kiri hears this younger girls voice followed by another voice..

EVP-007A11A - 10:09:04pm - Top of Stairs

Same voice as 6 but not heard by anyone.

EVP-008A11A - 10:18:56pm - Top of Stairs

Kiri talking in the kitchen and then this voice was recorded near the stairs.

EVP-009A13A - 10:27:20pm - Master Bedroom

Young girls voice is recorded in Master Bedroom.

EVP-010V04C - 10:29:13pm - On several recorders (very rare)

Aimee says "John told them not to come back until 2" then this is recorded.(rec on several recorders but not heard

EVP-011A11B - 11:44:20pm - Top of Stairs

Everyone is in the Living Room talking when this is recorded at the top of the stairs

EVP-012A13B - 12:24:59am - Master Bedroom

Recorded while everyone is down in the Living Room.

EVP-013A12A - 01:06:57pm - Living Room

This voice was recorded in the Living Room right after John speaks in the Kitchen

EVP-014A12A - 01:34:03pm - Living Room

These voices were recorded in the Living Room with all investigators in the Kitchen.

EMF Readings:

No unusual EMF readings above 1.5mg were recorded. (High EMF readings of 24mg was recorded coming from the alarm clock in the master bedroom but had dissipated to 0mg at the bed.

Visual Evidence:
none found

Personal Experiences:
Aimee experienced the feeling of walking though cobwebs in her hair as she was walking from the Kitchen area.

Kiri felt something pinch her right forearm while she was in the Living Room.

Links to other Investigations/Reports:


Investigation Summary:
When Alaska Ghost Hunting begins its first phase of the review process we do not go into it seeking evidence that fits the clients claims. Instead our Analysts will list every possible sound that could be evidence. This first phase of reviewing resulted in a whopping 70+ possible EVP’s. During the second phase of review we take each and every possible EVP and seek an explanation for them on the other 11 recorders used in the home.

At the end of the second phase there were still 14 EVP’s that could in no way be explained as coming from another room.

After presenting these EVP’s with the clients everyone felt very comfortable in saying that there was without question the Spirit of a young girl in the home and a male figure that is very protective of her. It does not appear that the male likes cats. The little girl seems to be very curious but also shy.

The team has been asked to return for a second investigation and has accepted. When we return we will be focusing on who the little girl is and the male figure.