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Williwaw Way Haunted Home

2014-03-22 | Williwaw Way Cabin | Wasilla, Alaska

Haunted Home in Wasilla, Alaska
Location Information
Location Information:

Cabin was moved onto the property (approx 1/4 acre) from it’s previous location known by locals as "Felony Row" across from the Tesoro near the Pittman Road & Parks Highway Intersection.

  Haunting Claims:

Owner has sensed and experienced a presence in the cabin since she moved into it in early 2014. She has repeatedly had her lower leg and foot grabbed and twisted causing intense pain.She has also felt and heard the bed being shaken.

Her cat seems to sense something in the cabin and reacts to it including attacking the owner.

The owner feels that the presence follows her wherever she goes. When she acknowledges it being felt or heard the activity worsens so she has tried to ignore it as much as possible. The activity however still intensified to the point where she called us at Alaska Ghost Hunting.


Investigation Results

Investigators: John & Cheri Francis

Areas Investigated: Entire Cabin

EVP’s Recorded:

EMF Readings:

Nothing over 1.0mg was observed. The team discounts any readings of 1.0mg and below as background noise.

Visual Evidence:

Personal Experiences:

  Links to other Investigations/Reports:

Investigation Summary:
The investigators witnessed the owners right foot and lower leg twist and contort causing in an almost unnatural extreme causing her extreme pain. The more she acknoweledged the pain the worse it got. Investigators could not see any movement of her clothing and did not catch any EMF readings.

Nothing unusual was recorded on audio or video that was not explainable.

The following day the Team Cleanser walked through the Cleansing Ritual with the owner. A more thorough Cleansing Ritual was performed a few weeks later after activity picked up.