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Kenai Apartment Lost Souls

2014-06-07 | California Avenue Apartment | Kenai, Alaska

Kenai Apartment Lost Souls
Location Information
Brief History:

Unknown date of construction of this Quadplex.

No known history of any deaths or serious crimes on the property.

  Reported Activity:

Lights turn on by themselves.

Main door has locked and unlocked itself.

Portable speaker system has turned itself on and off and has even been moved.

All furniture in the living room was flipped over between 3 and 6am. 1 chair was found in the kitchen and a tv tray was on the kitchen counter. Both tenants sleep with their bedroom doors open and did not hear anything.

Neighbors below have heard walking in the apartment when nobody was living in it.


Investigation Results


Investigators: John & Cheri Francis

Areas Investigated: Apartment

EVP’s Recorded: Nothing presentable as evidence

Visual Evidence:
Nothing presentable as evidence

Personal Experiences: Nothing presentable as evidence

EMF Readings: Nothing high enough to be regarded as paranormal

  Investigation Summary:
Alaska Ghost Hunting uses multiple audio & video recorders to capture data throughout a location. Not only does it give us a better chance of capturing very clear evidence but more importantly it gives us multiple copies of the same data from different areas.

Having multiple copies lets us pinpoint the exact location of a noise which in many cases tells us that the noise we originally thought was very interesting ends up being something entirely different.

In this location we initially thought we had several good EVP’s but in the end they all ended up being noises from neighbors.