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F89 Crash Site Wasilla Alaska

2014-08-15 | Willow Creek Home | Willow, Alaska

F-89 Crash Site Wasilla, Alaska
Location Information
Location Information:

The home is located near Willow Creek. The current occupants are the original owners and builders of the home.

The homeowner has had several Near Death Experiences and is a very strong believer in God. She feels bleesed that God has given her the ability to see evil things while also protecting her.

  Haunting Claims:

Homeowner is able to take unusual pictures of Apparitions. The video below is an example of her pictures.


Investigation Results

Investigators: John Francis, Cheri Francis

Areas Investigated: Outside areas only

EVP’s Recorded:
EMF Readings:

No unusually high EMF was detected that could not be explained.

Visual Evidence:
Unexplained barren area at rear of property

Personal Experiences:
2 of our power supplies for the cameras and lights exploded for no reason. This has never happened before.


Links to other Investigations/Reports:


Investigation Summary:
We could not confirm or dispute the validity of the photos the homeowner was taking. After looking at several hundred of her photos several of the apparitions repeated themselves.

We could find no active source of the mist the appartions seemed to be forming in.
There is a river about a hundred feet away from the property which if conditions were ideal could cause a foggy mist but she is able to take pictures just about every day of the year.