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Talgach View Drive Home Investigation

2014-10-04 | Talgach View Drive Home | Wasilla, Alaska

Kruger Drive Home
Location Information
Location Information:


  Haunting Claims:

Shadows have been seen in the 2 kids bedrooms at the end of the hallway, they also experience the feeling of being watched. The right bedroom which is the boys room seems to have the most activity.

The bedroom just before these bedrooms on the left closest to the Living Room also gives the feeling of being watched to it’s occupants. The adult male of the household slept in it one night and said never again without explanation.

Owners have heard noises in the kitchen like something has been knocked down. When looking for a cause or fallen item nothing is ever found out of place.

Scratching has been heard in bathroom near the kids bedrooms

Homeowners have heard movement in the
Master bedroom walk-in closet/ bathroom . Son will close all the doors. Their 4 year old Son is also afraid of the closet but won’t say why.


Investigation Results

Investigators: John Francis, Cheri Francis, Susan Weir, Sarah Godfrey

Areas Investigated: Inside of the home only. Did not Investigate garage or attic.

EVP’s Recorded:
(Headphones are advised as Computer Speakers are usually of very poor quality which will prevent you from hearing the files properly).
Most of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

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EVP-001A06 - 08:12pm in Dining Room

John answers Sarah's question during setup and this is recorded

EVP-002A10 - 09:02pm Bedroom, end of Hall on right

Cheri asks for a name and this is recorded

EVP-003A01 - 09:26pm in Dining Room

Lone voice with nobody around recorded in Dining Room.

EVP-004V01 - 10:01pm in Bedroom, end of Hall on left

Cheri hears this coming from the closet in the back left bedroom.

EVP-005A04 - 11:27pm in Bedroom, end of Hall on left

Cheri & Sarah can be heard at first in the bedroom across the hall while this is recorded in empty bedroom.

EMF Readings:

Initial baseline readings throughout the home were .5mg or less. During the investigation EMF levels remained at .5mg and below except for a couple occasions where levels exceeded 1.7mg but never rose above 2.0mg. The master bedroom alarm clock had readings of over 30mg right at the clock, the readings were 0mg 12" away so it was not affecting anyone.

Visual Evidence:
Some very faint shadows were captured on video but it not distinct enough for us to say it was paranormal.

Personal Experiences:
Investigators saw on several occasions throughout the Investigation moving shadows in the hallway near the 3 bedrooms.

Rustling noises were heard by Susan & Sarah who were in the living room coming from the hallway bathroom area.

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Investigation Summary:
After reviewing all of the potential evidence Alaska Ghost Hunting has determined that there is at least 1 Spirit in the home. We found no evidence that pointed to anything negative.