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Anchorage Historic Hotel

2014-10-31 | Anchorage Historic Hotel | 330 E Street | Anchorage, Alaska

Halloween Event
Results Page for the Private Investigations

Anchorage Historic Hotel
Location Information
Location’s Web Site:

Brief History:
The existing Hotel is actually the Annex to the original Hotel built accross the alleyway on 3rd Avenue which was connected by a sky bridge. The original structure was built in 1916 and was torn down in ????

The Anchorage Hotel was the finest Hotel in Anchorage for many years and was considered "the place" to stay. The Hotel started being neglected and fell into a state of disrepair as new, more modern Hotels began opening in Anchorage.

In 1989, under new ownership the Hotel was remodeled and brought back to life. It has become an important part of Anchorage’s history & future.

  Reported Activity:

– A young bride-to-be commited suicide the night before her wedding and now roams the second floor hallway. We’ve been told that this happened in room 215 or room 217.

– Anchorage’s first police chief "John J. Sturgis" (aka Black Jack) was murdered (shot in the back with his own gun) in the alley behind the hotel on February 20th, 1921 at 9:15pm. It is said that he returns every February 20th looking for his killer.

– Guests in room 202 have reported hearing a knock on their door followed by giggling. A small child has also been seen in the closet by a couple guests.

– Guests in room 205 have seen a little man with a funny outfit in the closet.

– The spirits of a young boy & girl who died in the original Anchorage Hospital are believed to be in hotel where their family lived.

– Guests often experience shower curtains being opened and closed in several rooms. TV’s are also known to be turned on and off.

– Bathroom curtains open & close in several rooms.

An unknown guest who paased away in the hotel is reported to haunt the stairway.

– Sounds of children playing in the hallway when none are staying in the hotel.

– A Shaman reported sensing an old insane woman with a happy little boy in the Hotel.


Investigation Results

Investigators: John Francis, Cheri Francis, Chris Skinner, Susan Weir, & Sarah Godfrey

Areas Investigated: Rooms Basement, 215, 217, 301, 302, 303, 304, 311, 312

Besides using the recorders seen during the Investigations we also placed recorders in nearby rooms which ran all night. We used the audio recorded on those recorders as a reference. We compared all potential EVP’s to the exact time in the reference audio to rule out the possibility that any outside noise could have been confused with a voice heard or recorded within a particular room.


  Results of the 13 Investigations performed that evening:

Investigation 01 – Room 215 – (8:00pm) AKGH’s Cheri with Josh & Rosita
K2 meter would fluctuate on left side of the bed at times.
EVP-001 was recorded while the K2 was doing this.

Investigation 02 – Room 215 – (8:20pm) AKGH’s Chris with Amy & John
K2 meter would fluctuate in the room, very noticeable in the bed area.
EVP-002 – Chris with Amy & John Hallinan
EVP-003 – This voice then EMF readings on K2 noticed and commented by Amy
EVP-004 – Amy says "Are you happy with all these visitors tonight?" and gets this response.

Investigation 03 – Room 312 – (8:40pm) AKGH’s Susan with Fahtima
Some higher EMF readings but no EVP’s 🙁

Investigation 04 – Room 304 – (9:20pm) AKGH’s Susan with Amy & John
No abnormal EMF readings or EVP’s

Investigation 05 – Room 217 – (09:40pm) AKGH’s Sarah with Sara, Shannon, & Shelley
EMF readings would fluctuate but also move around in the room.
No EVP’s 🙁

Investigation 06 – Room 215 – (10:00pm) AKGH’s Chris with Chris & Jason
K2 meter would fluctuate on left side of the bed at times.
EVP-005 – A voice then the group talking about high EMF near the heater.

Investigation 07 – No Show

Investigation 08 – Room 302 – (10:20pm) AKGH’s Susan with Danny, Joe, Danielle, Beth, & Nick
Background noise was extremely high in this room, it was very hard to hear anybody in the room.

Investigation 09 – Room 311 – (10:40pm) AKGH’s Cheri with Brittany & Michael
K2 & Mel meters would fluctuate in specific areas of the room most notably the side of the bed nearest the bathroom & the windows.
No EVP’s 🙁

Investigation 10 – Room 301 – (10:40pm) AKGH’s Sarah & Chris with Maile, Mickey, Patrick, & Jessica
K2 & Mel meters would fluctuate in specific areas of the room.

EVP-006 – Recorded just after the Investigation ends and the door is shut.

Investigation 11 – Room 215 – (11:00pm) AKGH’s Cheri with Sara, Shannon, Shelley, & Brendon
K2 meter would fluctuate high enough to be used to a yes/no session.
No EVP’s 🙁

Investigation 12 – Room 217 – (11:20pm) AKGH’s Sarah with Jessica & Robert
Very little EMF readings, no EVP’s recorded (music from bar was very loud)

Investigation 13 – Room 217 – (11:20pm) AKGH’s Sarah & Susan with Lori
K2 & Mel meters would fluctuate in specific areas of the room.
Untraceable odor of bleach.
EVP-007 – Recorded shortly after Brian enters the room. You hear Sarah then Susan talk and then this voice which was very close to the recorder. This clip had a lot of backgound noise removed because of the loud music.

The team was very impressed with the results.
We look forward to doing this again in 2015!

EVP’s Recorded:
(Headphones are advised as Computer Speakers are usually of very poor quality which will prevent you from hearing the files properly).
All of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page with your thoughts on what is being said.

AKGH Player

EVP-001 - Investigation #01 Room 215

Recorded when high EMF readings were commented on by Rosita & Cheri

EVP-002 - Investigation #02 Room 215

Amy asks "Do you know how you died?" and get's this response

EVP-003 - Investigation #02 Room 215

This voice was recorded before Amy comments about an EMF hotspot

EVP-004 - Investigation #02 Room 215

Amy asks spirit about all the visitors and get's this repsonse

EVP-005 - Investigation #06 Room 215

Chris commenting about high EMF near the heater then this voice is rocorded

EVP-006 - Investigation #10 Room 301

This Goatlike sound/voice is recorded just as everyone is leaving the room

EVP-007 - Investigation #13 Room 217

Susan & Sarah commenting on high EMF near Brian and this clear EVP is recorded on the camera

Visual Evidence:
AKGH recorded over 50 hours of video that night.

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If you have any links you’d like to see added please email them to us.

Investigation Summary:
Besides the personal experiences enough audio evidence was recorded to show that the Anchorage Historic Hotel is truly haunted with several Spirits not paying for their room at this great Hotel.