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Eagles Lodge Valdez

2015-05-24 | Eagles Auxiliary #1971 | Valdez, Alaska

Location Information
Location Information:

Building was moved from Old Valdez which is what the original townsite is now called. A lot of the original townsite was destroyed by the Tsunami that followed the 1964 "Good Friday" Earthquake.

The building became the Valdez Movie Theater until 1991 when it
became the home of the Eagles Auxiliary #1971

Besides being used by the Eagles, it is the host of many public functions including funeral services.

Fraternal Order of Eagles Inc
Foe Auxiliary 1971
224 Hazelet St
Valdez, AK 99686
(907) 835-4460

  Haunting Claims:

– A woman wearing a red dress has been seen by many in the Ballroom & Kitchen areas. She is known only as Edna, nobody seems to know where that name came from.

– Edna has also been seen at several funeral services held in the building. When approached she vanishes into the crowd.

– A lot of people have seen Orbs on the security cameras.


Investigation Results

Investigators: John Francis, Cheri Francis, Vicki Kellar

Areas Investigated: Ballroom/Public Meeting area

EVP’s Recorded:
(Headphones are advised as Computer Speakers are usually of very poor quality which will prevent you from hearing the files properly).
Most of these EVP’s are classified as "B" (more info).

Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page with your thoughts on what is being said.

AKGH Player

EVP-001A01A - Ballroom

2:34am - Something says ??? after Cheri says "I'm walking"

EMF Readings:

No signifcant or unexplainable readings were found.

Visual Evidence:
We reviewed the videa carefully wher Cheri saw the moving shadow but there was poor infrared lighting in the area where it was seen.

Personal Experiences:
Cheri at about 2:34am saw a large dark shadow follow John up to the doorway leading to the Kitchen & Utility Rooms.


Links to other Investigations/Reports:

No other investigations have been performed at the Eagles.

Investigation Summary:
The night we were there, the bar area stayed open much later than we had planned for limiting the investigation to a little more than an hour. It’s been our experience that it can take an hour or so for everyone including Spirits to feel comfortable enough with each other to attempt communication.

We did get one good valid EVP towards the end of the investigation along with Cheri seeing a shadow follow John. This leads us to believe that there is indeed at least 1 person who’s left their physical form still hanging out in this friendly building.

Sometime in the future we would love to get back in there to perform a full investigation which would also include the bar.