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Tools Used by Alaska Ghost Hunting

Alaska Ghost Hunting

High Definition Full Spectrum Camcorders


We chose these High Definition Panasonic Camcorders not only because of their excellent reviews but because the lenses are wide angle and unlike most full spctrum camcorders the audio quality is incredible. These have been carefully converted to full spectrum for use in complete darkness with our infrared lighting. They will also connet directly to our DVR System.

Video evidence may include lights turning on and off, objects moving, shadows, etc. It is very rare to capture video evidence but because they record both video and audio they can be used to debunk something that was recorded on another camcorder or audio recorder.

Alaska Ghost Hunting currently has 10 of these Full Spectrum HD Camcorders.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

Light Filters for Camcorders

filters We have modified the Panasonic Camcorders to accept screw on filters to help us investigate during the Summer months when there is very little darkness.

Infrared Pass Filters – Allow only Infrared light into the camcorder. These also help prevent contamination from outside sources of light.

Infrared Blocking Filters – Blocks Infrared light from entering the camcorder making them useable again in normal daylight.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

DVR System – 8 Channel

Our 8 Channel DVR has been custom built to work with our Panasonic Camcorders. It allows us to monitor from a central point the HD video being recorded up to a mile away from the DVR.

The 4TB’s of hard drive storage in the DVR can record up to 200 hours of video in HD.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

16.1MP Full Spectrum Digital Cameras

We chose to use these 16.1 Megapixel Panasonic Lumix FH25 Digital Cameras because they have received excellent reviews, are compact, use Leica lenses, and take beautiful pictures including moving objects.

Alaska Ghost Hunting currently has 4 of these Full Spectrum Digital Cameras.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

Digital Audio Recorders

Audio Recorders
We chose to use these Sony SX-712 Digital Audio Recorders because of their ability to record sounds at very low volumes with very little white noise “hissing”. More often than not the voices of spirits are too low in volume to be heard by the naked ear but can be heard later during our review process.

Alaska Ghost Hunting currently has 10 of these Digital Audio Recorders.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

Ghost Mic System

mixer This new system will be placed in an area where the most activity is known to occur. It includes 4 custom built microphones designed for low recording levels. The output of these mics are mixed and recorded.
Alaska Ghost Hunting

EMF “Electomagnetic Field” Detectors

Every Investigator uses one of these meters to detect variations in EMF within the area being investigated. It’s been proven that spiritual activity often creates energy which can be detected using a quality EMF meter. The Investigator first scans the area being investigated using the EMF Meter to get an idea where the EMF varies in the area (usually around electrical devices/wiring). The Investigator uses this knowledge of the area to help detect spiritual activity.

High EM Fields have been known to cause people to feel paranoid, increase anxiety, skin irritiation, and many other issues (read more).

Alaska Ghost Hunting currently has 6 emf detectors.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

Mel Meter

mel meter
These are basically the same as the EMF detectors above but displays the readings more accuratly on the lcd display. It also displays the temperature.

Alaska Ghost Hunting currently has 3 of these meters.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

IR Illuminators

These German built Infrared illuminators provide low frequency light for the digital cameras and camcorders to see and record in the dark.

Alaska Ghost Hunting currently has 24 of these illuminators.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

Power Box

Power Boxes
We use these Power Boxes to power all the IR Illuminators and the Full Spectrum Camcorders.

There are many advantages to using these.

There is enough power to keep 2 Illuminators and 1 Camcorder running for over 8 hours.
– Faster setup and teardown of the equipment because there are fewer cables.
– Allow us to work in places where there is no electricity.

– Bar Graph to inform us of battery level.

Alaska Ghost Hunting currently has 10 of these Power Boxes.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

Ovilus X Ghost Box

Ovilus X
This Ovilus X takes environmental readings such as electromagnetic fields and temperature and converts those readings to words.

There are other modes that the Ovilus X can run in but the only mode we run it in is Phoentic.

Alaska Ghost Hunting currently has 1 Ovilus X..

Alaska Ghost Hunting

Ghost/Spirit Box

spirit box
The Spirit Box uses radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise which theories suggest give some entities the energy they need to be heard. When this occurs the investigator will sometimes hear voices or sounds coming through the static in an attempt to communicate. A quality Box will scan through the frequencies fast enough to make it impossible to create a word on it’s own.

Alaska Ghost Hunting currently has 1 Spirit Box.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

Portable Speakers for Ghost/Spirit Boxes

The amplifiers and speakers within the Ghost & Spirit boxes do not produce the best audio. These Altec Lansing speakers do an amazing job for their size and have a built-in amplifier. The only issue with them is that they have no volume control or mute button so we have added both.

Alaska Ghost Hunting currently has 2 of these Portable Speakers.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

Laser Grid

laser grid
This device produces a grid of dots on walls. The idea here is that a Spirit moving between the wall and Laser Grid will distort the grid which will be recorded on a video camera.

Alaska Ghost Hunting currently has 1 laser grid.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

Battery – Type 1

These 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries provide enough electricity to run 2 Illuminators and 1 camcorder for 8 hours using the Power Boxes. This allows us to investigate places with no electricity for long periods of time without stopping to replace batteries.

Alaska Ghost Hunting currently has 10 of these batteries.

Alaska Ghost Hunting


We use both normal flashlights and flashlights that have been converted to infrared which are used alongside a handheld camcorder.

Alaska Ghost Hunting currently has over 10 flashlights.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

Trigger Objects – (including “Alice”)

Trigger Objects are inanimate objects such as toys, personal belongings, or other objects associated with the deceased, which is used to attract the entity’s attention or possibly capture the object being moved by physical contact of the object by a Spirit.

Alaska Ghost Hunting has started using the 24″ tall that we have named Alice. We used her not only to attempt communication with Spirits of Children but also with other Spirits that may be attracted to young children. Alice is equipped with her own Digital Audio Recorder and a Tenmar brand EMF Detector which has data logging capabilities.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

Projects – EMF EVP Microphones

This microphone being developed in house will allow us to distinguish whether what is being recorded is from Spirit based energy (DC EMF) or from the movement of air (human vocal chords, bodily noises, door squeeks, etc).

This microphone is actually 2 different microphones in one unit. The first microphone is very sensitive and is designed specifically to record normal speech and is wired to the left channel, the opposing microphone is similar but does not record sounds created by the movement of air but EMF and it’s wired to the right channel.

Upon evidence review this let’s us rule out all possible real world noises that could be mistaken for a disembodied voice.

Also, by using several of these microphones we can also rule out noise pollution caused by rogue radio waves being picked up as this would create interference on all the microphones and not just a single unit.

Alaska Ghost Hunting

Projects – Mini Natural Field EMF Monitor

This mini Natural Field EMF Monitor will be placed near or maybe even built into the EMF EVP Microphones which are always placed in view of our Camcorders. There are only select few EMF Meters that monitor Natural EMF which is the natural state of electricity (typically DC since AC is man made).

These would allow us to visually see if there was a rise in Natural EMF near the microphone or wherever these are placed.

Most of the existing devices similar to this that areout on the market monitor all types of EMF levels. This may be great for TV where the more flashing lights you have the better but for true research it would leave us with many false positives.

Alaska Ghost Hunting
Wish List – Thermal Imaging Camera
Thermal Imaging Cameras display everything within range as colored images where the colors vary by the temperature of the objects on the screen. These cameras are used by fire departments to find people in collapsed buildings or in rooms filled with smoke. Alaska Ghost Hunting would use it to detect temperature changes caused by a Spirit

Alaska Ghost Hunting does not have a Thermal Imaging Camera at this time.

Alaska Ghost Hunting