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What is EMF, why are Spirits made of it, and how does it affect living people?

EMF is short for "Electro Magnetic Field" which is a term given to the invisible waves of energy produced by both living and non living things. In fact the Earth itself produces what is considered "backgound" levels of EMF which is a very low level but always there. Man made electricity and the devices that use it all produce EMF, this is the most common source of high EMF levels. Humans as well as most living creatures also produce EMF but also at fairly low levels.

EMF levels are measured in levels/units of "Milligauss"(mg). Different objects will show different levels, objects that are nearing the end of thier useful life may produce very high mg levels.

These readings are taken within an inch of the device. The levels drop substantially when measured 3 to 6" from the device which is the usual exposure distance for a Person. EMF can easily pass 6-7" into the human body.
Source mg reading   Source mg reading
Earth .5   Washing Machine 8-200
Microwave Oven (off) 50   Coffee Maker 6-30
Microwave Oven (on) 1000   Vacuum Cleaner 200-1300
Color TV 15   Electric Clocks 5-10
Desktop Computer 25-30   Hair Dryers 200-400
Laptop Computer 2   Electric Razors 200-400
Small Magnets 5-20   Waterbed Heater 20
Magnets used in Therapy 300-3000   Electric Blankets 30
Flourescent Lights 400-4000      

No matter the distance from a device if these levels are measured near your body these are the effects you’ll experience.
Note that some people are much less tolerant than others.
mg Reading Health Effects
1mg or less Considered Safe by the FDA, .5mg is best for sleeping areas
2-4mg Short term exposure can give people a feeling of Anger, Sadness, Paranoia (feeling watched),
Long term exposure can make a person feel dizzy, nauseus. skin rashes & experience Hallucinations, fatigue, sweating, gastric distress
4-8mg Short term exposure same as above but will also include the same long term effects found above.
Long term exposure to these levels may result in problems with the cetral nervous system that will present itself as headaches, joint pain , shakes, seizures, vision issues.
8-up All of the above can occur during short term exposure.
Long term exposure can result in Cancer & even Death.

How does this all tie into Spiritual Activity? It has been shown that EMF levels increase in areas where there is other evidence of activity and is more evident in places where there is no electricity to create EMF. It’s believed my many that this is the reason we can "feel" their presence and is what makes our hair stand on end. Many in this field of research also believe that a person who is sensitive to EMF levels is also not only sensitive to Spirits but that Spirits are attracted to them as well. It also explains partly how evil Spirits and Entities can mess with the feelings & emotions of people.

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