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Is there a connection between Radon & High EMF Readings near the Floor?


Radon comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil & rock which then gets into the air we breathe as a gas. Radon can cause lung cancer.

Alaska Ghost Hunting was revealing their findings to a client when a 3rd party entered the room and the client asked them to sit in to hear the findings. We informed the client that in one particular area of the home there was a 9 square foot section where emf levels read a steady 3.5mq reading. The 3rd party said it was because of Radon leaking through the floor at that point. The client got very nervous but we told her that we had never heard of any ties between Radon & EMF in the years we’ve been researching the Paranormal.

After this reveal we did a lot of research both on the Internet and by contacting experts in Radon and could not find any evidence that the two were connected. We did find one European site that claimed high EMF can cause the degradation of the Uranium to increase but there were no links to studies or research to substantiate the claim.

EPA Radon General Info
EPA’s Map of Radon Zones in Alaska