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Audio Evidence:


EVP is the abbreviation for "Electronic Voice Phenomenon". EVP’s can be recorded on any device which can record sound electronically. Alaska Ghost Hunting uses digital audio recorders and video cameras that also record audio.

EVP’s are recorded voices or sounds that are usually not audible to the naked ear at the time of the investigation. The main reason for this is that the voice is simply too faint to hear. The typical human voice is spoken at 45 to 60 decibels. Our recording devices will record these faint voices for amplification later for us to hear. These potential EVP’s are closely scrutinized for authenticity by Alaska Ghost Hunting which will only post those EVP’s which could not be anything other than a voice. Most potential EVP’s can be explained as other noises by listening for the same voice on another recorder and are discarded. A lot of other research groups will "enhance" the potential EVP using software until they hear something which we will never, ever do. The only changes we will ever make to an EVP is remove “white noise(hiss)” and add amplification. We feel that all "enhancing" does is make something out of nothing.

There are four different classes to categorize EVPs into. The classes are A, B, C, and R.

Class A EVP’s are those that are very clear and everyone that listens to it agrees on what is being said without the voice being manipulated in any way. Class A EVPs are the best recorded voices of the dead and the rarest to record.

Class B EVP’s are those that may not not be understood by everyone who listens to it. One person may think it says something completely different than another person does. One thing that can be agreed upon is that it is clearly a voice. Many times amplifying the voice will make it clearer. One thing Alaska Ghost Hunting does NOT do is manipulate the voice because it is very easy to make just about any noise sound like a voice. Class B EVP’s are the most common EVP’s captured.

Class C EVP’s are the worst quality voices captured. It is nearly impossible to understand what is recorded without the help of computer enhancement which Alaska Ghost Hunting is completely against. Often these EVP’s are just whispers, mumbling, accented speach. Alaska Ghost Hunting will often not even classify these voices because the recorders we use are very, very sensitive and what may sound like a voice can be explained away by any number of things such as wind, or even an investigators stomach growling.

Class R EVP’s are those that must have a meaning to it when played in reverse. Although many Investigative teams will classify some EVP’s as R, Alaska Ghost Hunting does not classify any of our EVP’s as Class R.