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What is Ectoplasm?

When people think of Ectoplasm they picture the gooey slimey substance seen on tv and in the movies. This is because back in the early 1900’s there became a rise in the Spiritualist movement and people started having Seance Parties all over the world. This is when Ectoplasm (derived from the Greek word "Ektos" which means Intereriorization and the English word "Plasm" which means Substance) was first documented. Many claimed that Ectoplasm was a spirit residue that came from the body of a psychic medium during a seance. This Ectoplasm was never to be touched because doing so would cause harm or death to the psychic and the person touching it and it was never to be exposed to light.

It is entirely unknown if this sort of Ectoplasm is real. Nobody to our knowledge at Alaska Ghost Hunting has had this stuff tested. Many claim that it evaporates or vanishes too quickly to have it tested.

Many in this field use the term Ectoplasm to describe anything related to visual evidence of spiritual activity that has not formed into a ghostly image or apparition such as orbs and unknown mists.

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