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What is the source of the hissing in your recordings (aka White Noise)?

The hissing noise you hear is what ismost often referred to as "White Noise". The adjective "White" is used to define this noise because it’s the same way "White Light" works except that the one is sound and the other light. White Light is the combination of all colors of light where White Noise is a combination of all sounds from all frequencies. The best way to describe it is if you’re in a conference hall with a single person talking you can completely understand them., now add another person talking at the same time and volume and you can still understand what each is saying, now fill the hall with 50,000 people all speaking at the same time and volume and you will not be able to understand any of them. Of course we are not saying that hundreds of Spirit voices create this White Noise but that noise is simply a combination of everything that can create noise such as wind, branches moving in the wind, or anything else.

When Alaska Ghost Hunting is recording we are recording everything including the White Noise. When we go to review the recordings most of the EVP’s will only be slightly louder than the White Noise. We do not like to filter out the White Noise because some of the voice is within that noise so if it is filtered out it is altering the voice which we do not want to change. The only thing we may do is amplify that part with the voice so it can be heard better.

White Noise

An image of what a White Noise Waveform looks like while being played.