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Using Trigger Objects

  Trigger Objects can be any object which may help the Spirit "warm up" to the Investigators. If we are trying to communicate with the spirit of a child they may still as a spirit be reluctant to interact with people they do not know or feel comfortable with. We will use objects such as dolls, balls, coloring books, and other toys due to the playful nature of a child’s mind to try interacting with them. Adults depending on their personality and how they died can be easier or harder to communicate with. Some spirits don’t want to react to anyone other than people they know. Others may need some "cheering up" because they feel that they’ve been forgotten by the living so we will use trigger objects which were very personal to them such as jewelry, a pipe, chewing tobacco, coins, keys, photos, pens, military medals, books, etc

The Trigger Object along with an emf meter is placed on a steady table with a camcoder focused on it to record any interaction including movement with it.

We may also use the "Singapore" theory to attempt communcation with spirits. This involves playing sounds which may register with the spirit. For instance the residents of a home see the apparition of a person wearing clothing from the 1920’s, we will play some music or a radio show from that era. If the homeowners are pretty sure that Grandpa is still present in the house and he really like to listen to baseball on the radio we will replay a baseball game from his favorite team recorded from that era. The idea here is to play it for several minutes and then mute or pause it. This hopefully will get the spirit in the mood to communicate either using their voice, move an object, or present themselves as an Appaition.

In conclusion, trigger objects in some Investigations are very important to use but have a way of connecting oneself to the entity if at all possible. Never be frightened to conduct experiments such as these in a client’s home; just make sure that you discuss your intentions with the client and its possible outcome as well as getting their utmost approval to conduct it on their property.