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Report a Haunting & Schedule an Investigation

Alaska Ghost Hunting understands that it may be difficult for you & your family to discuss spiritual activity in your home or business with others. Alaska Ghost Hunting is a team of experts will listen and help you understand what is taking place.

Alaska Ghost Hunting can only accept Investigation requests from people over 18 years of age. We will only Investigate those homes and businesses where we have written permission from the owners (example: we cannot investigate the business where you work without the business owners permission).

Once we receive the form below someone from Alaska Ghost Hunting will schedule a date and time to meet with you and interview others others that have also had experiences. We will then talk how we’ll proceed with the Investigation and then schedule a date and time. Please be aware that we request that everyone not associated with Alaska Ghost Hunting vacate the premises during the Investigation. Also please be aware that we may need to access areas of the premises where you have not experienced Spiritual activity, we will of course honor your request for privacy with any rooms you do not want us to enter. Once the Investigation is complete please be aware that it may take a few weeks to review all the evidence collected, once complete we will schedule another visit with you to present the evidence.

One thing that can really help us is if you begin keeping a log book of your experiences. Please include as much detail as you can incuding date, times, location, and details about the experience.

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