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Can and do Spirits follow People?

For unknown reasons it seems that most Spirits tend to stay at the same location. We believe it may be because it’s a place they feel comfortable or safe in, that they have some sort of bond with other Spirits on the property, or that they are waiting for somebody. Regardless of who is living there they will not leave.

There has been evidence that some Spirits will indeed follow a specifice person. Here are some of the reasons a Spirit may follow.

Relatives or close Friends:
Deceased relatives or close friends may be more interested in a specific person rather than a place. They Spirit may be there to protect the person or to comfort them after a tragedy.

Senstives & Psychics:
A person who believes that they are being followed may or may not be. They may just be what is called a Sensitive or have Psychic abilities which make them more aware of Sprits than other people.

Objects such as Furniture & Jewelry:
It is not uncommon for an item that was very signifant to a living person to have a Spirit attached to it. If you talk to any antique dealer about people bringing it haunted items they will probably have some interesting stories to tell.