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How do I make Spirits leave my Home or Business (aka Cleansing)?


Cleansing a location of Human Spirits is a fairly simple process but may take some time. Some Spirits are just confused and need to be told that they are dead and to move to the light while some others are scared and hesitant to leave.


We sometimes forget that spirits are people too and should be treated with respect. Many times they are confused or lost and have created themselves a "prison" and just need some guidance to move on. Try to remain as unemotional as possible and convey the following.

1) It’s hard for us to understand but some spirits do not realize that they are deceased so tell the spirit that they have left their physical body and that they must go to the light.

2) If you’re dealing with a spirit with a negative attitude, speak to it very firmly while not showing any fear. Thes Spirits are not evil, they just do bad things either because they want to be noticed or that it brings them pleasure. If they sense any fear from you it makes them feel stronger. Tell it in a firm voice that it is not welcome in your home and that it must leave now.

3) Some Spirits may be scared to move on because of something they did while they were alive or unfinished business. Inform them that they will be not only be greeted by loved ones as they move towards the light but forgiven for anything that they’ve done.

4) It is quite common that a Spirit has just become comfortable living where you are. Inform the Spirit that they are affecting others negatively, and that it is time for them to move on.

5) Spirits can also be concerned about being punished for something that they may have done in their life and that they may be sent to Hell or have to face someone they’ve hurt. Talk to them about how everything is forgiven and that they will be greated with love as they move on towards the light.

STEP 2: SMUDGING using Sage (Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing)

If the Spirit has not left after performing Step 1 the next step is to perform a cleansing of the location. This practice has been used for centuries and has been proven to remove negative energy Spirits. The theory behind Smudging is that the smoke from Sage attaches itself to negative energy and as it clears it takes the negative energy Spirit with it.

1) Start by cracking open a window in each room. Begin in a smaller room first by placing a bundle of dried Sage in a bowl and light it or light a Sage "wand". Now use your hands (some use a large feather) to guide the smoke to your entire body starting with your head and moving towards the feetand say "allow this sacred smoke to cleanse my body and spirit". If you are with another person also cleanse them and have them repeat the same sentence. Now continue to cleanse the room by using your hands or a feather to move the smoke into every nook and cranny. As you are doing this repeat loud and firm, "I banish all negative energies from this house with the energy of love and light". Repeat until you sense the negative energy has gone and the room’s energy lightens and then say, "In the name of God, this room is now cleansed". As you leave the room close the door then repeat this process in each room.

Alternative to "I banish all negative energies from this house with the energy of love and light. is "Dear God, Virgin Mary, Jesus and Archangel Michael, Banish all evil and negative energies and spirits from this home, and Bless this home with your pure White Light of Love and your Pure White Light of Protection"

2) Once completed sprinkle the ashes on the sill of the front doorway.

3) Remember that the idea here is to be firm and strong with your words and that you have nothing to fear. Your sole intention is to rid the place of all negative energy including Spirits. Hollywood has done a great job at scaring us of Spirits.

4) End the cleansing by lighting a white candle. Some people will burn Lavender while inviting all loving, protective, positive Spirits into the home.

Here is a video of a Ritual Smudging by some Native Americans prior to a Conference


White Sage Wands, Bundles, or Sticks from the American Southwest is the most preferred. They can be found in metaphysical stores, Amazon, or eBay


1) Go to your local Catholic Church with a clean bottls and don’t be afraid to ask them for some "Holy Water". Many Churches have it readily available in a stainless steel container with a cross on it. Remember to be respectful and quiet.

2) Pour some of the Holy Water in a clean bowl. Start in a room along the North side of the home and while taking your index and middle splash a little Holy Water on the North wall, then East, then South, and finally the West (clockwise motion) while repeating ”In the name of God I bless this house, and banish all entities seen or unseen”. Move throughout the home using the North, East, South, West motion