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Shadow People

Is the Imaginary Friend of my Child Real?

  Most Doctors & Psychologists agree that children having imaginary playmates is not only common but displays a healthy imagination.

There are 3 reasons for an imaginary friend:

1) The imaginary friend is just a friend made up in their mind. A parent can tell that this friend is completely imaginary by asking their child what the name of the friend is, what it’s looks like, what it’s wearing, favorite toy, where it was born, who it’s parents are, etc. If the child seems to be thinking up the answers or are vague
then this is the type of friend the child probably has. Also, if you ask the same questions a few days later you will more than likely get different answers.

A Spirit is the child’s imaginary friend. You can tell if this is the type of friend the child has by asking the same questions but if the answers come quick and don’t seem made up then this friend is a Spirit of some sort. The Spirit can be anything from a lost soul in the home or a Spirit Guide. As the child gets older they usually lose the ability to communicate with these friends.

3) The child may have psychic abilities if they have several imaginary friends. As a parent you do not want to treat the child as if there is something wrong with them as they may withdraw from you and even become depressed.

Final note: Modern science is very reluctant to admit that anything outside of a simple made up friend exists at all. If they can’t see it then it can’t exist.