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Is My House Haunted?

Without having your home Investigated by professionals such as Alaska Ghost Hunting it can be hard to tell if a home is haunted. There are signs of a haunting that you can look for but those signs are almost never as clear as Hollywood makes them out to be. The signs are usually very subtle and are often overlooked. This article will give you an idea of what to look for to determine if your home is haunted or not.

Temperature Changes:
Our experience has been that not all cold or hot spotsare evidence of a haunting. There can be many causes of cold or hot spots. Because warm and cold air move in opposite directions a home can have it’s own "weather" patterns. The difference between a cold spot related to paranormal activity is that the spot will seem to have a distinct boundary to it and if it moves it will move fairly slowely.

Here are some things that will influence those internal weather patterns:

Furnaces that blow the cold air out of heat ducts before the heated air comes out, becuase this air is often cooler than the room air it which will cause the warmer aire to move higher creating a cold spot.

02) The opening of a door or window in another part of the home can cause sudden shifts in temperature in other parts of the home because of air pressure changes.

03) Old weatherstripping on a door or window may also cause cold spots at other areas of the home.

04) Open chimney.

The sound of footsteps is a very common noise heard in homes and of course is often attributed to Spirits walking through the home.

Some things that can cause noises similar to footsteps include:

01) The home settling or shifting enough to cause nails to shift slightly in the framework of the home. The additional weight of even a small person moving through the home can cause similar shifting noises.

Hardwood floors will make a noise similar to footsteps as the wood expands and contracts as the levels of humidity cause it’s moisture content to change.

The hearing of a disembodied voice can be the best evidence of a haunting. To be considered evidence of a haunting all other possible sources must be ruled out.

Some possible sources of voices may be:

01) Noise including speach can travel long distances if the weather is just right. It’s not that uncommon for a voice to be heard up to a mile away. To help rule this out go outside and listen very carefully. The voices may also be that of a neighbors tv or stereo, or even that of somedody driving or walking past your home.

02) The pitch of a noise will shift as it passes through walls, doors, floors, insulation, carpet, etc. This can make something like a car horn from a few blocks away sound like a short word such as "hello". The mind will try to interprit what you hear and sometimes will just make a mistake.

Other Noises
Loud banging or creaking noises can also be evidence of a haunting but may also be caused from:

Water traveling or air trapped in pipes.

The settling or other natural shifting of the home caused by the ground it’s built on setting or from thermal expansion and contraction when outside temperatures are changing.

Movement of Objects
When an object falls over or off a shelf it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that it must be a Spirit that did it but the most common reasons for this can be:

01) The very slight movement caused over time by the shifting of the home, this can also be cuased just by people walking repeatedly near the object, vehicles driving nearby, and even aircraft.

if an object is moved far enough away from where it was at original and there is no viable explanation then this could be a sign of a haunting. Some Spirits including Poltergeists (a noisy Spirit) can move and have even been know to hide objects and then place them back it the same location. They have even been known to move large objects including furniture such as chairs (this usually takes them a long period of time, one or two inches an hour is not uncommon)

Opening or Closing of Doors
Doors are very easy for a Spirit to move but to consider it paranormal we much first rule out anything else that may be causing it:

01) Does the door frame lean to the point where the door will close itself if a sudden breeze of air were to hit it? If the door leans towards always staying closed then it should not be opening itself, the reverse is also true unless there are very strong air currents through the home.

The opening of another door in an air tight home will often create a quick difference in air pressure throughout the house. This can easily cause another door to open or close very quickly. The turning on of a bathroom fan will also quickly change the air pressure in a home.

03) Poor sealing of Windows and Doors can cause outside air pressure to influence the flow of air within the home. Also consider fixtures inside the home that are vented to the outside of the home or into the attic which could affect air flow (ie bathroom fans, chimneys, dryer vents, stove hoods, etc).

04) The heating system in a home creates a lot of changes in the airflow of the home. The number of vents, the size of the room and it’s distance from the furnace all contribute to odd air flow patterns.

Animals & Pets
Most animals have much better senses that us humans. Our brain also filters a lot of things out that does not make sense to it unless you are paying very cloase attention. Animals as well as young children for the mostpart do not do this. If your dog or cat seems to focus on "nothing" in the same manor that they focus on "something" then this could be a sign that something else is in the home. The same thing goes for children but you also need to be aware that children have an imagination that can play tricks with you.

Another common sign of a haunting is the presence of shadows or “shadow people”. It is very common for people to see something move quickly out of the corner of their eye. Because things like Spirits and Shadow People have no or very little mass they can move extremely fast. When they are seen it is often only for a moment and can take on just about any shape. Shadow People are usually a blacker than black 3 dimensional mist while Spirits are usually white or grey colored mist.

These 3 dimensional shadows are much better seen in darker areas becuase there is less light available to pass through them.

Feelings of being Watched & Paranoia
If you or other faimily members are having the feeling of being watched and you know that it’s not someone peeping in through your windows it could indeed be a Spirit or something else watching you. There are a few other things that can also cause the feeling of being watched which must be considered first:

01) The most common reason it the presense of EMF (electromagnetic field). All electrical appliances and even wiring produce EMF. Some appliances produce very high levels of EMF when they are not functioning properly. Older appliances that that were made before engineers designed appliances with low EMF in mind may also produce high levels of EMF. High levels of EMF can cause a person to feel paranoid and if high enough can cause them to feel ill. Some people are much more sensitive to EMF levels than others. Many Paranormal researchers believe that the presence of lower EMF readings can show the presence of a Spirit.

(Please read our Article on EMF here for more information)

Being Touched
Spirits have been known to touch people. If you know for a fact that you did not accidently brush again something or are having a muscle spasm then it certainly could have been from a Spirit in your home.

Physical Harm
Very rarely do Spirits cause physical harm because it requires a lot of energy. There are other Entities that can cuase harm and Alaska Ghost Hunting can put you in contact with experienced experts that will force it out of your home.

Sprits are not known to growl so if you hear a low and guttural growl that cannot be explained then this could also be a sign of an entity with no good intentions. These entities feed off your fear to get stronger. Alaska Ghost Hunting can put you in contact with experienced experts that will force it out of your home.