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What are Non-Sentient (aka Residual) Apparitions?

  Non-Sentient (no spirit) Apparitions are basically the recording of a specific event at specific time. This event is almost always caused by a moment in a persons life where they were at a significant heightened state of emotion whether is be sadness, anger, love, betrayal, fear etc. which saturates the environment with sufficient charge to record the event. It is believed that this heightened state of emotion increases the persons energy level to the point where the event can be recorded onto any object that energy can attach itself to. Think of it like an old fashioned VHS or Beta recorder where magnetic tape was recorded to by running it against a recording head that would slightly change the magnetism of the tape.

Some also call this the "Stone Tape" Theory because a lot of minerals and crystals can absorb and hold energy.

The playing back of what was recorded can occur at a specific time, date, event anniversary, or when a specific amount of energy or circumstances are present. It will continue to play as long as the energy is stored but like a tape it will over time fade away. As it fades away it is likely that this particular phenomena will continue as noises, cold spots and finally as the feeling of “a presence” until the energy levels decrease enough to not effect the environment at all.

One good example of this is where people see Soldiers moving on an old battlefield or the hearing of footsteps or voices which repeat themselves.

It’s believed that the recording is very weak but detailed and complex EM fields, sub-sonics and infra sound created by the heightened state of the human mind. This is why a living person will experience much of an event in their mind and can expeience the recorded event not just visually but feel the same emotions the recorder experienced. This is why it is very, very difficult to record these events even on modern electronic recording devices. It is also why quite often the playback will be slightly different for other people experiencing it.

Someday science will understand how to capture these recordings.