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Shadow People

What are Shadow People?

Also known as "Dark Shadows" or "Shadow Ghosts" Shadow People are most often seen as a dark somewhat transparent mist with levels of transparency & darkness varying by it’s strength & age. They usually are seen in human form but not fully complete but just the torso and head.

Four types of Shadow People and Shadow Creatures:

Shadow Animals/Imps/Creatures – These are not Shadow People. Most of these are cat-like, birds or bats and other flying creatures, small imp-like/demonic humanoid shapes, or blob-like masses. They are under 3 feet in height and usually seen in groups. It’s believed that they are servants, lookouts, or companions of higher level entities and that they appear before the appearance of a higher level entity.

Shadow People
Shadow People are curious and extremely shy by nature and are usually found in areas where other paranormal activity exists. They will move very quickly or even "fade out" when they know they’ve been seen. They will hide in the darkest areas of a home but also where they can move quickly. They cannot move through physical objects such as walls.

It is rare that a Shadow Person will be seen out in the open but people do see them out of the corner of their eye. Once a Shadow Person becomes comfortable with a specific person and that person becomes comfortable with the Shadow Person it will usually begin to show itself more and more because of it’s curiosity.
They will however, continue to hide from anyone else who does not know or believe in them. It is very common for a Shadow Person to follow a living person to a new home.

Hat Man, Old Woman, & Hooded Shadow – Any Shadow Person that appears to be wearing clothing are different than the unclothed Shadow People. Although they do not cause physical harm, they instill psychological, emotional, and mental harm. It’s believed that these entities are evil/demonic or other spirit that feeds off human fear, pain, and suffering.

— Hat Man – The Old Man in the Hat, or "The Hat Man" is often found watching over people while they are sleeping which is when we are the most vulnerable. He stands at the foot of the bed and feeds off the fears in our nightmares that he is helping create.   hat man
— The Old Woman – The Old Woman and Hat Man act almost exactly the same. The difference is that the victim will wake up in a state of sleep paralysis (SP) where they are, unable to move. The Old Woman is actually holding the victim down with the victim feeling as if they are being sucked out of their bodies.   hooded
Hooded Shadow Man – The "Hoodies" are a shadowy hooded robe-like mass or a long haired woman wearing a dress with red glowing eyes. They follow unhappy people who are an endless supply of sad and dark emotions, which is their energy source. They will come after a person has suffered a personal trauma and use the weakened emotional state in a persons life to create the fear, paranoia & depression it feeds off of.   hooded