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What are the most common types of Ghostly Spirits & Hauntings?

RESIDUAL HAUNT (most common but not intelligent)

A Residual Haunt is more like a recording made solely of energy that repeats itself with no intelligence or spirit attached to it, this also means that it cannot interact with you. The recording is usually either of a traumatic event that took place or an activity that took place repeatedly over many years. The recording is often stored witihin the building itself but can also be stored in an object such as furniture or something as small as jewelry which may have been very important to the spirit.

The repeating event can be anything from simple footsteps being heard to words being spoken but can be more startling such as screams, crying and even an apparition that can been seen doing the same thing repeatedly. Some may even be the sound of a great party that left an impression.

The repeating may happen every night, every week, or even every year. There is nothing that can be done about Residual types of hauntings unless it’s tied to an object which can be removed from the premises. People need to either accept what’s happening, or move.

One odd thing about a Reisidual Haunt is that the recording being played back can sometimes be of people still living that suffered a horrible event at the location.

INTELLIGENT HAUNT (less common but intelligent)

An Intelligent Haunt is where the Spirit(s) are aware of their surroundings and can interact with those living there if they choose. It’s also not uncommon for the Spirit to ignore certain people because they don’t feel comfortable with them. They are looking for people to notice them but end up scaring people instead.

These spirits are limited in what they can do such as moving very light objects have reportedly moved objects up to 10lbs. Some Spirits have a thing about certain things like lights so they will turn them on or off, the same thing goes for other things such as radios and tv’s.

Between 11pm and 4am (darkest hours of the night) is the time Spirits can most efficiently manifest themselves. It takes a lot of energy for a Spirit to show itself even in the dark and much, much more to show itself in the daylight. Think of it like a flashligh, you can barely see it in the daylight but very well in the darkness. If the Spirit(s) use too much energy during the day they will be too weak to show themselves at night. Remember, these are Intelligent Spirits!

Intelligent Spirits may be kind or mischievous or even both, it really depends upon the reason they are there. It may have been their home and they want you to leave or they want to take care of you. Sometimes they are lonely and have found that a child is able to see and interact with them. They also may have an emotional attachment to a loved one or even an object at the location. IOn some case they may not be willing to except that they have died. Whatever reason they are there they do not want to leave.

As far as what can be done differs with every Spirit. Sometimes they can be reasoned with, such as telling them thery are scaring family members and that they should please leave. Some families have learned to accept a friendly Spirit as part of their faimly. Some Spirits need to be driven out of a home using harsh language and threats. In the worst of cases it’s best if the family simply moves.

POLTERGEISTS (German word for Noisy Spirit)

Poltergeist activity starts with knocks and bangs, then small furniture will shake or slide. As time goes on the activity will intensify by manifesting itself through voices and even appearing as full body apparitions. Many movies & tv shows are based on this style of haunting because it tends to be the most terrifying but in reality they are one of the rarest types of hauntings.

No two cases of Poltergeist hauntings are ever the same. Most of the time Poltergeist activty is experienced by several people, but ceases when a specific person is performing a calming activity or away from the home.

When Poltergeist activity seems to be caused by a specific person it may be that this person may have gone through an extreme emotional situation. However, the most common source of Poltergeist activity is where it revolves around a teen female who unknowingly is controlling the energy around herself. In either case the activity usually ceases over time.

In some cases the person causing the activity needs to seek medical treatment.

By understanding why the Poltergeist activity started will help prevent it from happening again.

DEMONIC HAUNT (very rare, very dangerous)

Demons are craetures that are made of pure energy that never taken human form. Unless they are hiding Demons are usually very easy to identify because they typically emit a revolting stench similar to rotting flesh, feces, or sulphur. Demons also let loose a growl that sounds like it is coming from everywhere at once. The air in the room will feel thick and often become warmer.

Demons are agressive and don’t mind showing it. They will push, bite, claw, scratch and will even throw objects and even kill people (very rare). Their main goal is to break down a person’s free will in order to take possession of them. This can take days, months or years, but time is of no concern to them.

People usually see Demons as dark masses (aka Shadow Devils) who stand in shadows. Demons can change into just about any form they wish but prefer their true form which has the head and hairy legs of an animal & the torso of a man. Although Demons are neither male or female they can also take on the appearance of a human and often do when they see fit.


Dopplegangers are entities that duplicate the form of a living being and is dubbed the harbinger of misfortune, the omen of death.