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What are Ghosts/Spirits and why are they still here?

Although the words Ghosts & Spirits seperate meanings in the Dictionary they are often interchanged. You can use either of these words with us, nobody here is going to try to correct you. In this FAQ we will just use the word Spirit which is also often referred to as the Soul.

The Spirit/Soul is the complex energy which contains the intelligence of a person. Once a person has died the Spirit is released from the body. Many of us in this field of research believe that this Spirit Energy is much more complex than anything Science will ever understand.

Science has proven that everything a person does (seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, etc). is controlled by electrical impulses sent to/from the brain and the various parts of the body through the nervous system. Once this energy stops the body dies.

Most Scientists agree with the "Law of Conservation of Energy" that states: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another or transferred from one body to another, but the total amount of energy remains constant (the same). Given this as a concept, the question arises whether or not a “Life” (energy) continues after the body in which it existed has ceased to function? This is why so many believe that the Spirit is the “Life” energy of a once living thing. Death is not the opposite of Life it is merely its absence of the Spirit/Soul.

So then why aren’t there billions of Spirits or Ghosts haunting everywhere? That’s unknown for sure but because most believe in some form of an afterlife including Heaven & Hell we’ll assume that most go to one or the other. Then Why do some Spirits stay behind? It’s believed that when a person dies of a slow or natural death that their Spirit is released gradually from the body allowing for an easy transition into the afterlife. Researchers believe that if a person dies a sudden or violent death that the shock to the Spirit does not allow them to transition to the afterlife properly leaving the Spirit in a confused state with the living. There are also those Spirits which choose not to "move on" because they have some unfinished business to take care of or for whatever reason are scared to move on.